Ok, I've been reading heavily everywhere to diagnose this.

Truck cranks forever & sputters when letting off the key. For the last 6 months it was starting often when letting off the key. I've read about voltage drop through firewall plug and bad ignition switches. I've improved the problem by either replacing or fiddling with ECU harness (converted to Mopar electronic ignition). That fix doesn't last long and it happens again.

I have a Volt meter in place of AMP gauge inside the truck and it is now reading at 10- while idling and getting close to 12 with rev. Previously, it was 11.5 @ idle and almost 14 with rev.

I know there are a lot of variables, but is there a diagram somewhere that shows me acceptable voltage readings to the corresponding point under the hood? I know there is expected drop for each component but trying to figure out what readings I "should" be getting.....

Thank you in advance!

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