I believe the one in my pic is a white oak, they seem to hold the leaves longer (some of the leaves until spring).

We have cedars all over behind it (and all over the property).

The small one to the left of it is a peach tree, about a week ago we had 5 deer standing near it and some were eating the leaves off it. laugh2

The tree to the right lost all it's leaves pretty fast a little over a week ago. They turned yellow and fell off quickly. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is.

There's another oak similar to the one in the pic farther down the hill to the right. I'll probably take a pic of it tomorrow.

I was looking out of the back of the house at the oak in the pic and thought "The colors are awesome, I need to take a pic of it".
Kayse can't keep up at all now. lol