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Confused yet?

I believe the wheel you are looking at will fit the 75 key in column truck just fine.

The main differences I have found are between tilt and standard columns, the spline for all the interchanges I have attempted have worked out straight column to straight column, no problem.

For instance, I have used the 4 spoke Omni/Horizon rubber rim wheel in both my '85 and a previous 93 D150.

Tilt to tilt, to problem.

AND, I am pretty sure the tilt columns have the same spline as GM vehicles, as I am pretty sure the tilt columns are built by Saginaw.

I suppose I could be wrong, I DID get married once ...

Yes I am lol... I wish Classic Industries would show a better picture of the adapter that comes in that kit. You can barely see the adapter in their add but who knows if that's the actual picture of what you're getting. I guess I need someone who has bought this kit to send a picture of their install.