To make a long story short, I'm building a hot rod (39 Dodge pickup on a Dakota chassis, 5.9 Magnum powered), and the unhacked wiring from this 91 Dakota has volunteered as my wiring harness.

I will not be using the motor part of the harness, I'm installing a 5.9 Magnum with its attached trans and I have a Hot Wire stand alone harness to make it run.

The Hot Rod project is on the Dakota chassis, so I can use the Dakota harness to power everything other then the motor (like the lights, radio, gas gauge, wipers and so forth). I won't be using the Dakota instrument cluster other then the gas gauge, but I will be using all the switches from the dash, just not in it.

I probably should buy a fsm for the 91 Dakota, I have an 87 Dakota service manual, but its too old for the wiring, so the only thing a 91 fsm would be useful for would be the wiring diagrams. I can't seem to find just a wiring diagram for the Dakota anywhere. Gene