Well, I have the Hotchkis strut rods now. Was in France for a while so didn't have a chance to mess with it.

Noticed something else, I boxed the lower control arms so they are nice and stiff.
Well, with the front K-member strut mount hole being a little deformed, and the stiff (metal reinforced) "improved design" moog strut rod bushings, there is not much give.
The lower control arm pin actually pulled out of the bushing a slight amount as I tightened everything up.

Going to pull both arms off and replace the bushings.
Going to weld up a stiff plate/bolt/washer type press and see if that will flatten out the strut mount area in the K-member.
Then the Hotchkis strut rods should allow me to get arms in so that the are in their natural position, and from there I should be able to get some decent alignment specs on both sides. I'm not planning on trying to pull the arms forward to try to get huge caster specs...