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Jump to new posts Re: Interesting Easter Egg in 2017 Ram Promo Shots by Runner2go @ 01/17/18 06:44 PM

Originally Posted By Orange_CrushOriginally Posted By Runner2go Who is the target market for a Hellcat truck? Certainly not any of the guys around here pushing a lot more power than a HC, with whatever model Cummins they decided to build up. Th
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Jump to new posts Re: D100 window regulator wheels by larrymopar360 @ 01/17/18 05:39 PM

LMC Truck Number 3 on bottom diagram
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 Challenger Convertible Frame Rivets and Bushings by convertcuda @ 01/17/18 05:30 PM

Hi, I have all those pieces for the convertible top. Send me an email.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1974 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR by ragtopdodge @ 01/17/18 04:51 PM

Cool Mopar shifter:
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I have had Mopars all my life but I do own a dragster with a Chevy in it Now it is a nostalgia car Hilborn injected front engine car but...I have to say...It has been fun ---I am running small amount of Nitro---it has made it fun again--running 8 sec
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Jump to new posts Re: Pitman arm question by mickm @ 01/17/18 03:56 PM

Originally Posted By PurpleBeeperYou might just put some fresh grease in the pitman arm pivot since you don't see any up/down or side/side looseness. After the front steering is all together, have someone move the steering wheel back/forth and look
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Jump to new posts Re: Aluminum Hemi head ID Help by Dartforforty @ 01/17/18 03:46 PM

Thanks for all your help Transman. Ed
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Elephant Hemi Engines - 1st Quarter by sasquatch @ 01/17/18 03:29 PM

For Sale: Mopar Performance Hemi Rocker Stands Billet Aluminum with steel inserts made by Keith Black for Chrysler. comes with Bolts NEW IN PACKAGE!! $575.00 FREE SHIPPING
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Jump to new posts Re: Lemon Twist / Base Clear by Neil @ 01/17/18 03:16 PM

PPG store has color chips for oem colors on new cars that are a range so you can pick the one closest to what you have. It may need to be tinted slightly if your picky. Also if you want to use clear coat but not sand it as much let the painter know
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Jump to new posts Re: Stock torque converter for 727 big block? by John_Kunkel @ 01/17/18 03:09 PM

Originally Posted By 340clone I believe it is a 2500 stall converter, according to PO. It is made by SMR, and has TF3R written on it. The TF3R is what SMR calls their PRO SPORTSMAN 10 3/4" 'Race Tuff' TORQUE CONVERTER
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Jump to new posts Re: best intake for mild street 383? by fast68plymouth @ 01/17/18 03:07 PM

My first thought was....... How mild is "mild"? That could be anywhere from 300-425hp and still be relatively mild. For the lower end of that range I'd go with a std performer, the higher end..... The RPM. That assumes the rest of the ca
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Jump to new posts Re: 69 Hemi charger 4 spd.. reinforcement plate by 71redcuda @ 01/17/18 03:04 PM

Thank you all for great replies! Much appreciated. Nicklas
Modern Moparts Muscle
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Modern Mopar Parts - 1st Quarter by 62maxxx @ 01/17/18 02:57 PM

CERVINIS 2008~2014 Challenger Ram Air Kit, BRAND NEW in da box! Never used. Asking $250.00 I would rather have local pick up in N.W. Indiana unless you want to pay for shipping which is not such a deal. I can meet someone 1/2 the distance if need b
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Jump to new posts Re: WIW 69 Super Bee by StukaJU87 @ 01/17/18 02:37 PM

Originally Posted By robertopI don't see the underhood cable to operate the Ramcharger hood; perhaps the car did not come with one and it was added at some time? The cable is not on in that picture. It is on there though. I checked.
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Jump to new posts Gallery: Installing SST's EPAS Electric Steering System by Rustymuscle @ 01/17/18 02:22 PM

Honda designed and equipped the first “all electric” power steering system in 1993 on their mid-engine sports car, the NSX. Now you might be wondering why Honda has anything to do with a Mopar Connection Magazine. Well, since that moment othe
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Jump to new posts Re: Woodward Dream Cruise by amxautox @ 01/17/18 02:17 PM

Originally Posted By ShoozyOriginally Posted By RS23U1GOriginally Posted By amxautoxI'll warn you right up front, and I've said it before - in person I'm boring. Tom... Maybe you and Stu ought to try for this year... (You never know when a met
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Jump to new posts Re: Springs/shocks combo? by Mopar Mitch @ 01/17/18 02:02 PM

As some of you know, I run the Flex-a-Form fiberglass leafs... mono-design, lightweight (approx 10 pounds each)... I discussed with Flex-a-Form my desires and intentions (SCCA autocrossing... national-level competition, class E/SP)... they wanted the
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Jump to new posts Re: Door window/door latch assembly? by 68Cbarge @ 01/17/18 01:27 PM

Originally Posted By JMCFAN Thanks! Just making sure! Not looking forward to this part..... Just have to take your time,have a helper and the FSM handy. Great time for the kids to have a swear jar handy,LOL!!
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Jump to new posts N.E. Index Racers by A/MP @ 01/17/18 01:23 PM

Just checked the website and it can't be found. They go belly up?
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Cab, I like your theory because your recommending what I have now! Thanks!MJ
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Jump to new posts Re: 1968 B, 1969 & 1971 A 22" radiator cores. by tallzag @ 01/17/18 01:10 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Best head porting shops by Al_Alguire @ 01/17/18 01:05 PM

Moparts Engines
Looking for a good set L/R offset W2 econo-iron rocker arms. Used or new. PM me here. thanks Chris
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Jump to new posts Re: Albany NY to Spokane WA by OneBadBeagle @ 01/17/18 12:30 PM

actually probably leaving by the weekend
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Jump to new posts Re: VIN numberin by GTSDave @ 01/17/18 12:19 PM

My GTS has partial vin starting with the 9Bxxxxxx and it was a 7/14 car. -Dave
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