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Jump to new posts Re: What cools better by ahy @ 07/19/18 07:52 PM

What cools best is kinda general... I can comment on what cools well for me. Application is a warm BB stroker driven on the street X country and and road track including 20-30 minutes of continuous hot laps with 130'ish on long straight and 100'ish
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Jump to new posts Re: Original 69 Big Block water pump? Help me choose? by cudaman1969 @ 07/19/18 07:42 PM

Pulley covers it up so you can't see much anyway. Who's gonna take it off to check?
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Jump to new posts Re: fender emblems by btomasko @ 07/19/18 07:30 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Charger Hellcat Conversion by Silver70 @ 07/19/18 07:25 PM

The car looks great Will this car go to the track? Curious to see what the hellcat engines will do et wise in lighter car.
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Jump to new posts Re: New Wheel Vintiques rallye's don't go over hub by DAYCLONA @ 07/19/18 07:16 PM

I have 3 set of 15X7 WV Rallyes, only issue was the powdercoat color being off, never had any mounting or balance issues...
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Originally Posted By MR_P_BODYTwo small screws on the front side of the shifter with your button in front.. you want your button near your finger but not in the way of the shifter Not coming up w/ a clear mental picture of what you're describing
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Jump to new posts Re: New Jersey members- car insurance question? by JAMESDART @ 07/19/18 06:36 PM

Rarely if you cancel insurance will DMV find out and notify you in NJ. It does happen though. Happened to my mom, her car blew the head gasket so she parked it and took the insurance off till she decided what to do with it. It was parked for a while
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Jump to new posts Re: Best Deals in the Car Corral by bee1971 @ 07/19/18 05:53 PM

Originally Posted By sogtxThe green 72 Dana 4 speed Charger looked nice Not sure what was under paint . Dam nice car . Did this sell ?
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Jump to new posts Re: strange 1969 Plymouth fender tag by 6bblgt @ 07/19/18 04:37 PM

Originally Posted By Alaskan_TAA05 is another possibility. If you have a matching broadcast sheet or other paperwork for the car, check it. except I don't believe the A05 "protection group" was available on a Plymouth c-body * it was an
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Agree with supercuda. Those should all be no wear items. As long as the plate is flat across you should be good to go. Never seen a cam wear into one, my guess is there would have ro be serious other issues for it to do so.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 Barracuda Parking Light Lenses by jim6346 @ 07/19/18 04:16 PM

Just a quick update, got a set of these from Mike and they were perfect. I was surprised they even had the rear lenses. Thanks Mike!! Jim
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Ignorance seems to be a treasured state of mind with too many people. Those are the types that need this app.
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Jump to new posts Re: 65 C body Column Shift Cable by belv2vert66 @ 07/19/18 03:20 PM

You might have some luck with finding an NOS one. I bought new from Imperial Services and it leaks bad..... I am converting to later style 727 and gear vendors at some point in the near future.
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Jump to new posts Re: Oil Coming Out Of Oil Breathers Help by ccdave @ 07/19/18 03:15 PM

Originally Posted By AndyFPosting pics is impossible if you don't know how but easy once you know. You need pictures on your hard drive that have been resized. If you don't know how to resize pictures then you'll need to download a resizing tool. On
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Jump to new posts Re: nos cheater plate jetting size?? by GY3 @ 07/19/18 03:07 PM

As I recall, Monte Smith said these were pretty rich when jetted "square"?
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Jump to new posts Re: 1971 Dodge van , Montana --$2800 by chargervert @ 07/19/18 02:56 PM

My wife calls mine the perv van, and she refuses to go anywhere near it or get in it!
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Jump to new posts Re: sending unit by Dixie @ 07/19/18 02:54 PM

Originally Posted By LimelightCudaThanks for the information. My friend is trying to get his fuel gauge to work properly on his '66 Dart. I will pass it on to him. There used to be a guy who advertised in Hemmings years ago that would rebuilt your
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Great stuff thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: G3 Motor Plate and Water Pump Configuration by cudadoug @ 07/19/18 12:46 PM

When you take into account the motor mount function of the motor plate... If you run a (CSR pump...a price point in the middle of Summit/Preform and Meziere) trim the cover yourself and fab your own alternator mount, my estimated AEI cost is just o
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Havnt heard anything back from Ed.But the company is johnny rockstar on the carlilse events page...they have chevy,ford etccc events,their even selling GraVEYARDCARZ t shirts lol!I texted them,their number is 1-800-639-2033.....It would be nice to he
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 STROKER KIT by BradH @ 07/19/18 12:38 PM

EDIT: No more Mr. Funny Guy
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Jump to new posts Re: 65 Valiant by Guitar Jones @ 07/19/18 12:32 PM

I want it! Too bad it's so far away. Cost me about $2500 to ship it here.
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D, thanks for all your help at Carlisle. Really a pleasure to meet you.
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Cool! But then again I like disc brakes. "But drums are enough for the rear, it doesn't do any braking!" True, but by the same thought, two barrel carbs are enough for 360s, because they get around town or on long distance driving just f
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Jump to new posts Re: Carter AVS Rebuild Kits - What brand? by Secret Chimp @ 07/19/18 11:35 AM

Originally Posted By Skeptic Here is where I have gotten all the parts to rebuild my AVS carbs. They have all the "kit" parts and stuff that doesn't come in the kits. +1 for QuadrajetParts. I used them for both my AVS and my Caddy Q-je
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