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For what purpose?
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Re-wiring your car questions by fourgearsavoy @ 01/15/18 07:58 PM

Well I'm leaning to the American Hiway series but if the Keep It Clean site was better I might use them but I will check them out by phone. Thanks again for all the responses BTW I always crimp,solder,shrink ALL connections unless they are shock mo
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Jump to new posts Re: Wiw 2015 Challenger exhaust system . by moparjim79 @ 01/15/18 07:51 PM

Originally Posted By Silver70Some day people will be looking for them... you guys will be posting, wish I kept the original parts Just go behind the a/a auto tent at Carlisle and they will gladly give you the complete systems they pile up there
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Jump to new posts Re: Motorhome? by Grizzly @ 01/15/18 07:10 PM

I cut the catalytic convertor out SeventyGTX, that's what upped the mileage on mine about 1mpg. Also, your V10 in the Class C is a 305hp 2v head and van exhaust manifolds. The one I have is the 362hp 3v head (+40 lb-ft too) and the exhaust look like
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Jump to new posts Re: Turbo Action Valve Body by Joesixpack @ 01/15/18 06:58 PM

68 A904 V8 REBUILT,deep pan, reverse manual valve new band,new seals and rubbers,hp frictions,steels,pick up in Phoenix AZ $400
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Jump to new posts Re: WIW by bballfan1 @ 01/15/18 06:53 PM

I believe Dana original. Maybe it was a 440 car. Have not seen it since it was in our garage over 25 years ago. It was driven a little by new owner, and has been in storage again for over 20 years. I am hoping to have an opportunity to see it this sp
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: old school guy new school thinking by Dave Hall @ 01/15/18 06:39 PM

I'm sure there is every kit available from roots to bracket mounted. They are a lot of fun in a car like that because it will spin the tires at about any speed. Spinning is really kind of what you want to do because hooking that power up is where it
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Steering column sleeve removal by Sixpak @ 01/15/18 06:12 PM

I find the shorter the bolts, the less sideways deflection of the puller. Keep twisting - it will come off.
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: could Mark Worman leave the gap alone by RoadRunnerLuva @ 01/15/18 06:05 PM

Originally Posted By DAYCLONAOriginally Posted By NANKETThe body of Superbirds were painted at Lynch Road in Enamel. Fenders, hood window plug installed and panted at Dodge Main. They were missing only the special bird pieces like nose, fender scoop
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Jump to new posts Re: 78/75 turbo 5.7 by EV2CUDA @ 01/15/18 06:00 PM

Around 600 to the tire is what I'm looking for out of that turbo. Quick spooling
Moparts Question and Answer
Sorry, end of April 71.
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Jump to new posts Re: 2 1966 Dodge Coronets by stumpy @ 01/15/18 05:36 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Indy SR's by dartman366 @ 01/15/18 05:02 PM

Originally Posted By 383manGreat info as I also enjoy reading post like this and learning how certain heads perform. Thanks Dwayne for posting this. Ron 100%I love reading this kind of stuff.
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Jump to new posts Re: wanted to buy by 70HemiShaker @ 01/15/18 04:35 PM

WTB 383 magnum shaker emblems. TIA
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Don't have a salvage yard here any more, so unless it is something I just can't get any other way, it is not worth the time of hassle to travel to one of the out of town yards. I ordered a new dist yesterday and picked it up this morning but it didn'
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Jump to new posts Re: Efi fuel system setup question by 451Mopar @ 01/15/18 03:09 PM

On my '69 Coronet, I used the Spectra EFI tank. It has the stock location vents. I ran the pressure hose up to the shock brace and routed like stock fuel line on passenger side. At the torsen bar crossmember I have a 90-degree fitting going to a 1
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Jump to new posts Re: ANYONE COLLECTING MOPAR PROMO MODELS FROM MPC? by 71ChargerRT @ 01/15/18 03:06 PM

Wow! Looking at all these great collections is humbling. I've put photos of my collection on my website: I'm trying to gather more information for the site e.g.: information on the MPC and Jo-Han factories; oddball cars a
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Jump to new posts 69 super bee by azmopar @ 01/15/18 03:05 PM
Mopar Connection Magazine
When it comes to vehicles one of the major areas that seem to make or break the way a car looks is stance. For example our stock 2013 Charger Daytona looked more like an SUV with its giant fender to wheel gaps. We wanted to close up the gaps and
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Jump to new posts Re: Alternator by steve660 @ 01/15/18 02:52 PM

I use Powermaster 1 wire part # 38529. Puts out up to 165 amps. Fits sb & bb brackets.
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Originally Posted By fullmetaljacketAnything painted black will conceal it better to the naked eye except of course, if you are talking auto body panel work using a gloss black. Flat or satin black tends to be more stealthy. The look a sheen of alu
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Jump to new posts Re: My 63 Dodge 330 Project: by GY3 @ 01/15/18 02:04 PM

Originally Posted By OhioMoparI feel the same way. I don't(sadly) have the time to load a car up on a trailer and go to the track. I would rather drive it there and have fun and drive it home. I don't think mine will be as fast as yours, it's heavie
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Jump to new posts Re: Future of Gen III by HotRodDave @ 01/15/18 12:57 PM

Originally Posted By EagleDusterOriginally Posted By parksr5I own some modular Fords; they're nice and scream up top but, the lower end grunt of a pushrod motor just can't be beat. Although some of my modular Fords are faster than some of the pushrod
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: BB Oil Pump Change by Cab_Burge @ 01/15/18 12:35 PM

Originally Posted By SNK-EYZNo. As you push the pump up into the block you just have to align the pump with the hex on the oil pump/distributor drive. Make sure and oil up the new O rings first
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Jump to new posts St Louis Event Sept 14-15th 2018 by moparts @ 01/15/18 12:18 PM

St Louis Event Sept 14-15th 2018
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