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Jump to new posts Re: Centering Steering Wheel '79 Power Wagon by larrymopar360 @ 07/20/18 05:57 PM

To my surprise, I was able to center it with steering wheel! I thought for sure it wouldn't be that easy. I was so glad. Piece of cake. The shaft isn't even tapered so I didn't need my steering wheel puller either. So happy now. It's running grea
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Tuff Wheel? by DAYCLONA @ 07/20/18 05:48 PM

Originally Posted By burdarThis is the one I'm talking about. Is this the Grant wheel? This one was temping because it comes with the horn switch and cap. The feel was awful though so I went with the leather one from PG. https://www.musclecarpart
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Jump to new posts Re: 318 mpg by Supercuda @ 07/20/18 05:36 PM

The 302 headed roller cam 318's came with lockup A998's and 2.45 rear gears. Not an OD trans or high stall converters, or steep gears.
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Jump to new posts Re: Barracuda Door Mirror Glass by dart440 @ 07/20/18 05:13 PM

I just had a local glass shop make up 70 and 71 passenger mirror glass for me that I had taken apart to fix because they were loose. They guy made templates from the housings and cut new mirror glass for both...cost $50 for the pair.
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Parts showed up today as promised, 10.00 for 2 day delivery Problem SOLVED. Thanks again RANDY
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Originally Posted By kevin69bmanWill let you all know Please do as I've seen some USED UP cars come out of there
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Jump to new posts Re: 4 or 5 speeds by weedburner @ 07/20/18 04:01 PM

You will likely grow tired of juggling weights vs base for a casual street/strip car. Not being able to be spontaneous on the street will take some fun out of it, worse yet when you lack starting line ratio. If you do go Long/adjustable, get a versi
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Jump to new posts Re: Nats Lodging, Brice Rd or Heath? by burdar @ 07/20/18 03:28 PM

If I can go this year, I'll check out Buckeye Lake. I know last year there were lane closures just over the I-70 bridge. Traffic was at a stand still north of the bridge trying to get into Buckeye Lake. Hopefully that is fixed by now.
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Jump to new posts Re: Vinyl Stripes by BlueRacer69 @ 07/20/18 02:19 PM

If they are the gloss type, I just wax mine right along with the car.
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Jump to new posts Re: 2005 sebring w/126K good or bad? Kids car? by gtx6970 @ 07/20/18 02:15 PM

Look for a clean little neon I would try to stay in the 2003- 2005 model years myself. They are very similar to the Stratus. Sebring platform. But much easier to work on and parts are cheap. Look for rust in the rockers and front lower K frame, lo
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Jump to new posts Re: Woodward 2018 by 6PKRTSE @ 07/20/18 01:59 PM

Same here. I am always off that whole week & go out there a few nights with the Charger during the week & on Sat. Lots of fun street racing too. Oh wait, that's illegal....
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Jump to new posts Re: 75 road runner by RodStRace @ 07/20/18 01:56 PM

Originally Posted By not_a_chargerQuote:and on the truck I love the part about two tone paint lol ...and the ad saying 4X4 (not) and manual (not) it was a quick, easy example of what is out there
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Could be Ziebart...
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Jump to new posts Re: '72 Pistol-grip Charger SE by MONC @ 07/20/18 01:50 PM

Maybe it was a bench seat car, and buckets / console were added , and the pistol grip is original to the car. My bench seat SE had a similar shifter. Just saw a 72 with buckets with the same shifter and it was originally a bench seat car. Notice the
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Jump to new posts Re: Gall Wasps by burdar @ 07/20/18 01:49 PM

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Supercuda, thanks for the link. This is a very small tree so I was worried a wasp spray might do damage to it. It's already growing slow due to the wasps and those Japanese beetles. I can try that peppermint o
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Jump to new posts Re: An off balance thread.. by pittsburghracer @ 07/20/18 01:47 PM

Originally Posted By JohnRROriginally Posted By pittsburghracerThere have been lots of threads on what not to use from 440source 1. I beam rods. They quit selling them because of breakage 2. Rocker arms 3 harmonic balancers. I would put one on an
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Originally Posted By John_KunkelLoad test the battery. Gotta agree here. Biggest load on the battery is starting the engine, so if the battery starts to go that is the first place you will see it have issues. Simple test, if you have a meter, hoo
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Jump to new posts Re: New manual steering box by RapidRobert @ 07/20/18 01:24 PM

I cant speak for a DD but the 16:1 (manual) made a night & day difference on the stock car in the corners (from the 24:1). Before that it was hand over hand action, not good at all.
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Ditch the carb and get a 4-barrel. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Yes, the intake manifold will kill your wallet. BUT, a simple R-1850 600 Holley will make the car or truck feel like you just gained 50 cubic inches. Plus the 4-barr
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Jump to new posts Re: Need help diagnosing engine lifter tick. by parksr5 @ 07/20/18 01:05 PM

The other thing to take into consideration, as discussed multiple times in the past, the XE cams are just noisy cams. Do some searches on this site and the internet in general and you'll find multiple threads discussing the noise with these cams due
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Jump to new posts Re: Low mile 66 Plymouth VIP by bigdad @ 07/20/18 12:50 PM

Originally Posted By kwhmopar1Did they really put the word Plymouth on the rear bumper like that? yes
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 superbee 4 speed by JH23 @ 07/20/18 12:45 PM

Alright, So we know what it's not worth. What's it's worth?
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Jump to new posts 340 and 4 speed from 71 cuda 1b438284 by ogopogo @ 07/20/18 12:06 PM

looking for motor(340) trans (4 speed) and buildsheet for 71 cuda from montana,also spent time in texas before coming to canada BS23H1B438284 1B438284 noogopogo at
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Jump to new posts Re: detroit locker by gsmopar @ 07/20/18 12:00 PM

I've run lockers in 2 different rear ends. Can't hear them over the exhaust.
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Jump to new posts Re: Transmission mount on mild street strip car by 340man4ever @ 07/20/18 11:56 AM

Thank you for the input guys.....much appreciated! Torque strap is in my plans , yes
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