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Jump to new posts Re: Dash Pad Pro's? by JERICOGTX @ 01/18/19 03:00 PM

I did order a new 68 B body pad from Dash Pad Pro's. They were very nice to talk to on the phone, and said it would be a 2 week turn around. I'm OK with that, and will post my thoughts, once the new pad arrives.
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Found the gasket at Steele rubber, supposed to be in stock Might have a lead on a used glass
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Jump to new posts EANTED: Center Line wheel center caps (see pictures) by MuscleMopars @ 01/18/19 02:04 PM

Wanted: Centerline wheel center caps. These are chrome plastic. Opening on rim is about 3 1/4” I would like to find a decent set of 4 but would buy singles. Thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: Bye Tappen Zee bridge by RoadRunnerJD @ 01/18/19 12:43 PM

Originally Posted By jccOriginally Posted By RMCHRGR Its supposed to last 100 years before any structural maintenance is needed. That's what they said about the Sunshine Skyway.
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Fab cover not permitted?If not call Marsh!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Any Summit discount codes available? by Kevin Kowalski @ 01/18/19 12:15 PM

If anyone gets some extras soon, I could use one. I posted a few last year when I went to the Boston World of Wheels but I'm not sure if I can make it there again this year.
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Jump to new posts Re: A100 Dodge pick up parts by BloFish @ 01/18/19 12:02 PM

Originally Posted By 2002bluertIm rebuilding a 67 A100 truck and I have found quite a few parts available such as gas tanks the straps gas pedal most seals headlight trim and lots more plus I have parts myself. I myself am looking for a battery box.
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Jump to new posts Re: Roller Lifter Question by BradH @ 01/18/19 11:38 AM

Originally Posted By jwb123When I build a mopar engine, it always gets custom length push rods. As you are finding out you never know what length you need until you have the parts assembled. Absolutely. Some of the dimensions I've seen published f
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Jump to new posts Re: Reputable Hemi/Mopar Engine Builder in CA by 8pack @ 01/18/19 11:23 AM

Originally Posted By Cab_Burge I haven't seen a full groove Hemi main bearing set that didn't have the thrust oiling grooves built into them I have seen posts on here by other members advocating using non full groove main bearings on all types
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1997 dodge ram ex cab 2500 4x4 rolling chassis #8 lug bolt pattern with some extra parts,....$500
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Jump to new posts Re: ALCOHOL CARB by merpar @ 01/18/19 11:04 AM

The best answer is fuel injection. EFI or mechanical
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very nice a lot of work
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Originally Posted By superchuckMy car is disc/ drum and I converting the rear to disc. Can I use the existing prop valve or remove it and install an adjustable one? Thanks You left out too much information so the only answer that fits is "it d
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Jump to new posts Re: A different kind of Charger build by wingman @ 01/18/19 10:34 AM

Wow. That is amazing. His other models are amazing as well. If I'm ever in town I'm going. I loved it when he said that when they bring children's groups in the first thing they have to do is show them what a matchstick is...
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Jump to new posts Re: Moparts Secret Santa what did you get?? by feets @ 01/18/19 10:24 AM

Good to see you made it home to get your loot!
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Jump to new posts Comeback ‘Cuda Rear Housing & Suspension Restoration by Rustymuscle @ 01/18/19 10:16 AM

Our last article on the Comeback ‘Cuda covered the restoration of the front suspension. Now we turn our attention to the rear suspension. All 4-speed Hemi ‘Cuda’ convertibles came with a 9.75 Dana 60 rear end and heavy duty (HD) springs. Up
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar 3462150 fan blade ID? by mopars4ever @ 01/18/19 09:25 AM

thank you
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Jump to new posts Re: N.o.s or 4.10 gears? by dthemi @ 01/18/19 09:23 AM

One thing I really like about spray. On stock motors 100 is great, 150 is better, 200 is amazing, 250 over the moon fun,,,then,,,O no... Then you commit to better parts, because once you feel that you're never going back. Then there's another race
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Are there known issues with these manuals? To be clear it did help me identify the correct mounting for the exhaust. They are pricey, but I figured the amout of time I spend trying to figure out the correct hardware and what not they would pay off
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Jump to new posts Re: Poly / Hemi Build by Mike P @ 01/18/19 08:34 AM

".........For some reason, I assumed that the Chrysler Hemi/Poly had the same factory compression rating as the Dodge......."
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Jump to new posts Re: Who's paying 125.00 for this? by rocksmopar @ 01/18/19 08:25 AM

It looks like it was in a house fire
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Jump to new posts Re: Opinions on B&M and Hughes torque converters? by STROKIE @ 01/18/19 07:48 AM

Originally Posted By Fab64Thanks for the input, guys. I'm using a cam from Bob Karakashian (Mr Six Pack), and 2300-2600 was the stall range he recommended. I want it to drive more like a stock '70-71 car, and be more streetable. I really didn't li
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Ive got a real nice 71, except front of hood. Both these trucks look like theyre rusting there too, though.Could easily fix mine, but the trucks clean enough to deserve a nice clean one.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Charger 500 grill mounting kit? by DAYCLONA @ 01/18/19 05:20 AM

Only one person that I know of that offers any replacement parts, me... contact me here on Moparts PM or for more info/prices Mike
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Jump to new posts Re: Green 70 Cuda mid 8's in the 1/4 in BC by Pale_Roader @ 01/18/19 03:31 AM

Well with that kind ov power it had better be running mid-8's...
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