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Jump to new posts Re: Tuff Steering Wheel on 1968 Super Bee by NachoRT74 @ Today at 11:19 AM

I don't have the experience for this, sorry... just I know the original Tuff Wheel with its original adaptor doesn't fit correctly on pre 69 cars due the diff column diameter ( since in 70 the ign switch was moved to the column ). I know some ppl has
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Exhaust leak ?? by rustbuckett68 @ Today at 11:01 AM

Use a length of heater (garden) hose like a stethoscope to pin point the leak. One end around the noise, the clean end to your ear.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1981 Mirada on Craigslist (NW Florida) by cudaboy @ Today at 10:58 AM

Always liked these. Dennis
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Jump to new posts Re: Solid 70 Cuda V code project by 6PACKB @ Today at 10:51 AM

It ended $25,750 last time (just a few weeks ago) & I think thats about right for it. 32K seems strong, but someone that "has to have it" might overpay for it due to color. I would love to have it, but even at the previous auction end
Moparts Question and Answer
Originally Posted By NV69B7RRSounds like a great "excuse" for the dealership to use. Simply add a quart or oil, or three, and suddenly it becomes the customers problem. With most people not changing their own oil anymore, its a pretty easy
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Jump to new posts Re: Tuneing through gas tempd. on e-85 by Thumperdart @ Today at 10:26 AM

Originally Posted By racerxAnyone here does it? If so what tuning instruments you use? I was considering this: has anyone use these what or the pro's/con's of this After seeing Pettis tune this wa
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I misread your reply. So sorry Yeah, the 63 is almost done. Dodge is slowly progressing. Probably still 3 years out. Not really sticking my beak in like I used to.
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Jump to new posts Re: 67 B-body windshield wiper question by 440mopar @ Today at 10:24 AM

O.K. So if the air foil blades are not correct for my car, am I to assume then that the correct looking blade would be a typical matte finish blade of that era or would a 67 have a particular type or part number blade?
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Jump to new posts Re: Engine and Trans Lost & Found by Alaskan_TA @ Today at 10:22 AM

Originally Posted By smugglerFound -- 833 trans dated Oct 16, 1970 (PP833 3002 113) Stamped 0E125281 for LA built car New one to me, but it is from a Plymouth B-body. I'll note it in the 1970 LA Registry & contact you if I hear of the c
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Jump to new posts Re: '73-'74 spool engine mounts by moparx @ Today at 10:16 AM

filling the voids in spool type mounts with windshield urethane has worked well for me for many years. in my opinion, way better than just filling them with silicone.
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Jump to new posts Re: Upgrades? by justinp61 @ Today at 10:07 AM

Originally Posted By humpty- Airbox - Dominator - Vacuum pump - If you’re ambitious gapless top rings It already has an air pan that is sealed to the hood, low tension but not gapless rings. When it's time to rebuild if Brett will work on my ma
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Jump to new posts 85 Lebaron Convertible by Neil @ Today at 10:03 AM

Planes Trains and Automobiles movie comes to mind.
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Jump to new posts 66 Charger project by Neil @ Today at 10:00 AM

There are a surprising number of the 66-67 Chargers around here. Some are dead, but a few do still run.
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Jump to new posts Re: Powder coat a dash frame? by cnxt @ Today at 09:43 AM

No different than paint as far as grounding goes. Get out the Dremel and hit the ground points, simple.
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Jump to new posts Re: Washer and dryer recommendations. by Nukechargerboy @ Today at 09:43 AM

I just replaced the bearings and seals in my bosch/siemens washer. The parts were roughly $100, plus my time. So I figure I saved $1000 and 10 years. Like Duffman said, too bad bosch stopped making washers and dryers. The parts sightes like to tell y
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Jump to new posts Re: Hot Rod Drag Week 2017: The Experience. by FurryStump @ Today at 08:59 AM

Thank you!
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Jump to new posts Re: The Cranberries lead singer passes away. by RoadRunner @ Today at 08:51 AM

Originally Posted By DaveRS23O'Riordan had looks, talent, success, and was admired by many, many people. But somehow, it wasn't enough. Actually, was probably too much. She has been quoted saying that the success was something that worried her as
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Jump to new posts Re: 16" rim for 72-80 D100 by SILVER67 @ Today at 08:37 AM

Perfect, thank you very much fella's. These are some good ideas that I needed for the wheels. Wanting the old truck look that'll act more modern is a balance. Also looks like bypassing the AMP gauge is helpful. Converting from a slant six to Ma
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Jump to new posts Re: M Code Lug Nuts by Morty426 @ Today at 07:57 AM

Originally Posted By HEMICUDANo, mine are gone. Classic Industries was going to bring some in from PG, I would definitely go to Classic first. Just ask them if they came from PG or not, the lug nuts I had them make are the only ones on the market w
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Jump to new posts Re: 6.4 BGE specs by L4staero @ Today at 05:11 AM

BGE has same chamber size as Apache The lower comp in the BGE is from dished pistons
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 e body gauge cluster with tach by HEMICUDA @ Today at 05:01 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Triple Black Bee by OhioMopar @ Today at 12:46 AM

I liked the way the car looked with both. I may have to try Cragars this time.
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Actually, there is a guy in Ohio that is popping out the 50s International trucks on Durango frames. He make it sound pretty easy, and he is using nearly everything from the Durango. The 5.7 Hemi was available in a 2004 Durango.... 50s trucks are ea
Moparts B Body
Jump to new posts Re: 71 up - B Body Cars For Sale - 1st Quarter by moparmarks @ Today at 12:28 AM

Have owned this car for over 15 years and will never do anything with it so up for sale it is. 1971 SSP 318 auto. P/S P/disc, a/c. Light Gunmetal Metallic. Two tone black and charcoal bucket seat interior. Rallye cluster. 8.25 rear. NO motor or trann
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Jump to new posts Re: 52 pickup and 25 Chrysler score by poorboy @ Yesterday at 11:55 PM

Here are pictures of the original cab with the lower grill piece and an original frame, and one of my current cab with just the top nose and my modified frame. The thing hanging in the grill is a trans cooler, and its just hanging there. I was hoping
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