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Transmission and Differential
Jump to new posts Wanted: SB 727 Trans Oil Cooler Bracket by vinnyd76 @ Yesterday at 10:14 PM

I'm looking for the factory original transmission oil cooler line bracket for a small block 727. Please reference photo.
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Good to see you've gotten some more feedback, I'll third Andy F's book, I've got two copies myself, I misplaced the first one and bought a replacement, it's that valuable. I'm not even a B body guy, but most everything still applies. I'll also say tr
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Elephant Hemi Engines - 1st Quarter by xs29j8 @ Yesterday at 09:26 PM

This the first of many Ads that I will post this year to sell about 50% of my accumulated collection of parts. The parts will include NOS & Used 426 Hemi, 440 Six Pack, and even a few 340 parts. I currently have mostly B-Body & E-Body parts,
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Jump to new posts Re: Mark Worman I am 100% Calling You Out! by fourgearsavoy @ Yesterday at 09:17 PM

Originally Posted By FrankendusterOriginally Posted By fourgearsavoy I cant stand horseplay or adults acting like children in a shop. It happens in the shop where I work and I'm "that guy" that steps in and tells them to grow up and get to
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Jump to new posts Re: 340 Thermoquad 1971 340 AT by ScottSmith_Harms @ Yesterday at 09:10 PM

Basically the same story. Condition is huge.
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Jump to new posts Re: US Car Tool stiff kit by Skeptic @ Yesterday at 08:58 PM

Originally Posted By jccOriginally Posted By krautrock^ LOL wut.... I'll have what he is having. _It's Friday, Make it a double
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Jump to new posts Re: When Is It Just Too Much Power? by DrCharles @ Yesterday at 08:34 PM

Originally Posted By ViperDaveUnfortunately. Not a typo. The 71hp 240 came out later. Thru 1980 it was 62hp. 81 it went to 67 My '73 220D had 60 hp... to pass someone, I'd file a flight plan in advance! The 200D version was 55 hp, but I think t
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Jump to new posts Re: HEMI --Ida Grove , Iowa --$1000.00 by Pacnorthcuda @ Yesterday at 08:18 PM

That would make for a great dodge rat rod build!
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Jump to new posts Re: Friction modifer for cone sure-grip? by Pacnorthcuda @ Yesterday at 08:17 PM

Originally Posted By SupercudaWhale oil, not skunk oil. Used to come from whales. Yep....and contrary to a sometimes seen myth, it wasn't whale Sperm!!! It came from Sperm Whales!
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Jump to new posts Re: Odd Dodge I once had. by Cab_Burge @ Yesterday at 08:10 PM

Originally Posted By 318 StrokerYou had a Dodge 880. That was the first year Dodge made a C body, they also called the B body Darts in 1962 only The California Highway Patrol ended up with a bunch of the 880 four door sedans with 413 pursuit mo
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Maybe the guy that owned the trucks lived in the Midwest rust belt? A rust free 73-80 would bring that kind of money, or at least a lot of people are asking that kind of money here, but it has to be free of rust. Drive train doesn't seem to matter mu
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Satelite by racerx20 @ Yesterday at 08:01 PM

To whoever buys the car PLEASE do not clone a GTX or Roadrunner! I've gotten to the point to where I'll look at a Satellite over the "desirable" cars, finding a Satellite is harder than a Roadrunner or GTX now days.
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Jump to new posts Re: best way to increase hp in my 318? by roadrunninMark @ Yesterday at 07:54 PM

No, Nacho, you still change to KB167 pistons to get the compression up and use .027 head gaskets. The only way to get more CR and use your stock pistons are to deck the block/heads/ and then the intake...way more expensive than just getting the pist
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Jump to new posts Re: ARP main studs installation 340 with tray by EV2Bird @ Yesterday at 07:44 PM

Thats good of them to do that. In the past ive used a arp stud and one of there thin nuts with 1/3 the top milled off both. Other times ive just a std. oem bolt on that one side. 95 for me with arp lube as long as they are all the same and th
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Jump to new posts Re: SuperBird coming up for auction by Sunroofcuda @ Yesterday at 07:40 PM

Hmmmmm. Air grabber hood - Gary Rollins' old car?
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Jump to new posts Re: Did someone on here get this .. by migsBIG @ Yesterday at 07:12 PM

there are a few of those in my area, usually $1500 or cheaper. there are a couple on craig's currently. Always though those would look good with a fleetside style bed on them.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 Hemi Challenger RT by NANKET @ Yesterday at 07:07 PM

No booster, manual. A home made extension bracket had the master cylinder even with the front of the cylinder head! Bracket went up at an angle so the pushrod was flexing the bracket upward when on the brake pedal. Pictures would be great to show.
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Jump to new posts Re: 'ROCK' script mystery by Morty426 @ Yesterday at 06:56 PM

I think the Gin Bottle wins
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Jump to new posts Re: Looking for work sucks! by Morty426 @ Yesterday at 06:38 PM

Originally Posted By astjp2Originally Posted By rowin4I have interviewed a quite a few guys for skilled trades Millwright positions. It was amazing what was put down in a resumes to get in the door. " Certified " but with no certification
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Jump to new posts Re: Kentucky Bourbon Trail by BSB67 @ Yesterday at 06:31 PM

As I sit here sipping bourbon from my favorite glass, I wanted to mention that Four Roses's complementary glass is by far my favorite bourbon glass. And you cannot purchase it. If you go there, try to do their tour on a week day when there bottlin
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Jump to new posts Re: Six Pack carb parts by 70sixpkRT @ Yesterday at 06:25 PM

I've been using those Promax metering plates for the last 15 yrs. No problems with mine. The thing I like about them is you can change jets very easy and not have to worry about finding a stock set of plates. I also don't have to worry about drilling
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Jump to new posts Re: 1939 Dodge drag truck by 11secdart @ Yesterday at 06:19 PM

Cool !!! i like it !!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Neon Proportioning Valve by Supercuda @ Yesterday at 05:49 PM

They look like this that for a 65 Fury no idea of the cut off or for that matter if ever aftermarket maker does it.
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Jump to new posts Re: V6 Cummins diesel powered Ram trucks, good or bad? by earlymopar @ Yesterday at 05:46 PM

"They are not available new anymore..." Fake News.... - EM
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter by moparjohn @ Yesterday at 05:21 PM

I have for sale some original factory spark plug wires. These would be great for that survivor car! Here is a list of what's in the picture: Front row left is a 1st quarter 1967 wire with a straight plug boot and is 31" long priced at $25.00. Fr
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