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Jump to new posts Re: 6.1 45* oil filter adapter by ric3xrt @ Yesterday at 01:23 PM

03-08 5.7 have the same pipe as the 6.1's the VVT 5.7s and 6.4s have the New pipe with the hex head.
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Jump to new posts Re: Slowly now by larrymopar360 @ Yesterday at 12:19 PM

Originally Posted By AeroMonteI resize my pics with "Paint" which is a program on my computer. As Rhino said, change the pixel size of the larger number to 1000 and save the pic. Then you can post pics as per the instructions on page one. T
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Jump to new posts Re: Why I am a Mopar fanatic and the car that did it! by larrymopar360 @ Yesterday at 12:17 PM

My cars in chronological order: 67 D100 318 SWB. 79 Adventurer 150 318 SWB. 78 Aspen 225. 85 Dip Cop. 06 Charger SRT8. Then 5 Dip or Gran Fury Cop Cars followed. Then several Charger Pursuit 5.7's. '79 Power Wagon SWB 360-4. Never anything but a Mopa
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Jump to new posts Re: Adding a tach but have Pertronix ignition??? by StukaJU87 @ Yesterday at 12:02 PM

Sounds good everyone. Thank you for the feedback!!
Transport Services Wanted/Offered
Jump to new posts Re: Need transport advice/ guidance? by Lee446 @ Yesterday at 11:58 AM

Slant, sent you a PM.
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Jump to new posts Re: New 426 Hemi Mega block... who sell them? by RUNCHARGER @ Yesterday at 11:46 AM

$6k for a boat anchor? Might as well go aluminum. I ran an original MP block and it was great but the later MP block I used for my 528 was an overweight pig. Guys are going to try to cash in on these iron pigs because they know there will be no marke
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: SB BIG PORT VICTOR HEAD by 340Cuda @ Yesterday at 11:43 AM

Jason, Many thanks for sharing all of this with us. Bill
Moparts E Body
Jump to new posts Re: E Body - Cars For Sale - 3rd Quarter by 70440+6bbl @ Yesterday at 11:37 AM

1970 Challenger convertible. FK5 with black top and interior. This was a lifelong southern car until two weeks ago. It still has the original interior floors throughout and they’re in near perfect condition, even the trunkfloor is nice with some
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Who made the starter mounting brackets? by bonefish @ Yesterday at 11:28 AM

they shake pretty good without pump shaft support.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fuel Pump Pressure Variation by gzig5 @ Yesterday at 10:56 AM

Originally Posted By bonefishOriginally Posted By Challenger 1Your fuel pressure is normal and the low pressure after warm up is fine and normal also Look else ware for your problem. 7# won't hurt a thing and 2 is normal also hot. heres your answer.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: big block ultrabell to A518 part # ? by Jambbii @ Yesterday at 10:33 AM

Originally Posted By JAMESDARTI always wondered, if you have to use an ultrabell anyway is it worth using the 518, or just go with a 4l60 or something else? I am putting a 48re behind one....
Member Projects & Survivor Pictures
Jump to new posts Re: 1970 cuda 440+6 restoration by 71redcuda @ Yesterday at 10:32 AM

Very nice work.
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Jump to new posts Re: Road Runner tricked him by MidPenMopar @ Yesterday at 10:08 AM

This one is great!
Moparts Engines
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Elephant Hemi Engines - 3rd Quarter by HemiBW @ Yesterday at 09:50 AM

For sale: 426 HEMI MP BLOCK. Aftermarket block. Cast iron 4.49 bore. BRAND NEW/NEVER USED loocated in Indiana. $6,000 obo please pm
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Jump to new posts Re: 2012 Cummins engine check light and warning by J_BODY @ Yesterday at 09:11 AM

We have four of that era truck at work.... 1 tech, 2 sales guys, and our service manager. ALL deleted... we still stock two turbos for the 07-12 6.7's. It seems when things go sour with that system, they go big and they go expensive!! Key to delet
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 Coronet by wannadrag @ Yesterday at 09:08 AM

A good weekend and you could make some of the ugliness go away. Every pic I look at it gets worse.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Plymouth Valiant 2DR by rarefish @ Yesterday at 09:01 AM

A B7 Valiant, Too bad I'm not closer.
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Jump to new posts Re: 69 Dart GT.... by rarefish @ Yesterday at 08:59 AM

Originally Posted By 6PAK70CUDAThat driver's side quarter in front of the wheel just doesn't look right Agree...The bottom of the driver's door looks played with.
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Jump to new posts Re: You have 120K to spend on a car.... by Lost in life @ Yesterday at 08:56 AM

I guess it is like most other things in life, you pays your money and takes your chances...Or if they come out with a Chrysler Cuda, with a supercharged 426, shaker hood and 950 HP. Now that would be a car to take a second mortgage for! Thanks for
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Jump to new posts Re: 1988 Colt Vista Wagon by not_a_charger @ Yesterday at 08:08 AM

Originally Posted By cudaman1969Well car is not happening, she gave it to one of those charitable foundations, tax deduction. LOL betcha she's in for a surprise when she does her taxes.
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Jump to new posts Re: Microsoft Excel issues, easy fix or update it? by MI_Custumz @ Yesterday at 06:27 AM

I just checked and I can't edit xcel in officesuite on the phone, not open office. Open office is on the laptop and Microsoft office on the Desktop. I may have to look into LibreOffice and see how I like that.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1957 Dodge fire truck , Sioux Falls ,SD area $3000 by RTSrunner @ Yesterday at 01:21 AM

File that under cool,cool af that is.
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Jump to new posts Re: Monster Musclecar Weekend at Gateway Sept 14/15th by Wailin D @ Yesterday at 12:47 AM

Thank you very much for sharing who won the race and the points championship!
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Billy posted A Bit ago..There was a crash by racerhog @ Yesterday at 12:31 AM

Ouch... Feel better Soon.... Prayers
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970-1 A Body Exhaust Manifold Question by ScottSmith_Harms @ Yesterday at 12:18 AM

Yes, any of the 67-69 Dart 383 or 440 manifolds will also fit a Duster, you may also need to use the stock 67-69 Dart motor mounts and K-member to properly locate and clear everything but they will probably also work with other mounts like Shumachers
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