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Just call him "Lucky," Art!
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Jump to new posts Re: yes or no by pittsburghracer @ Today at 06:39 PM

Originally Posted By AeroMonteIt's a race car, it makes a statement...leave it
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Friends here in town restored a V-code white/white car that came out of Tennessee or Kentucky. When they got it home, it had a 273 transplanted. They had the original motor/trans with the car and did a proper restoration ....then off it went to Me
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Jump to new posts Door mirrors by 70 buzz @ Today at 06:34 PM

Does anybody do date coded door mirrors? Thanks
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Jump to new posts 1967 Plymouth GTX exhaust tip hangers originals by blewbyu @ Today at 06:32 PM

1967 Plymouth GTX exhaust tip hangers originals $75.00 plus shipping
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Jump to new posts 1970 Ralley Wheel 15 x 7 Original 2944390 by blewbyu @ Today at 06:27 PM

I have a very nice 70 date code wheel. Part number 2944390 with a date code of 5-1-70. $400 plus shipping from Florida
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Jump to new posts Re: 70-72 Dusters value compared to 73-76? by VS29H0B @ Today at 06:07 PM

The 1970 and 1971 Duster 340s had higher compression ratio, and more advertised power overall. The 1970 is more plain looking compared to the 1971 (sharktooth grill, hood 340 callout option and hood pins, a more interesting look of the 340 longitud
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Jump to new posts Re: GTX 150 Sweep Speedometer Question by cbusters @ Today at 05:58 PM

Some originals read 10-150 and some read 1-15 on the lens. The gauge is the same. Is your original lens broken? They can be polished.
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Jump to new posts Re: Rear suspension question, er, help!! by codfish @ Today at 05:55 PM

Unfortunately the nearest weigh scales are about 45 minutes away, and the car isn't street legal yet. Close but so far away lol codfish
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Jump to new posts Re: First real drive in the sweptline today by 64Bel @ Today at 05:53 PM

I'll try that...definitely thinking more driveshaft. Tires were just balanced and didn't feel like that kind of vibration.
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Looking at the pics of the base car you started with and the condition id consider just doing as you stated, a driver and drive it and have fun. I dont think your gonna have a car thats gonna last 20 years as the deterioration of the unreplaced me
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Jump to new posts Re: Polaramino by larrymopar360 @ Today at 05:40 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: And the spelling award goes to by larrymopar360 @ Today at 05:38 PM

Geez that's awful. Recently I saw a Craigslist ad for yet ANOTHER Roscoe P Coltrane car. It was spelled Roscoe Peco Train.
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Great news that you had some time to work on it! Frame is looking great!
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Jump to new posts CLEAN `71 Starter core.. $30 by littleredcoffin @ Today at 05:29 PM

`71 date coded starter clean core.`71 is in the middle od sun dial and the number 2 is on the outer edge...Cast number on the aluminum is #28755553...Clean core.$30,,I will not answer emails..Calls only 603 209 1678..Payment by US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS
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Jump to new posts Re: 69 a-body tires by moparwizard @ Today at 05:25 PM

This is what I have for a 1970 T74 tire not sure if its the same for 69.
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Jump to new posts Re: 69 hemi roadrunner. by FC7cuda @ Today at 05:22 PM

[/quote] Dude! Not to rag, but tell your friend not to quit his day job for a photo gig with Car Craft? [/quote] LOL, not enough room to open the door fully. Pictures kinda done on the fly for reference. Interior complete on the car, several n
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Jump to new posts Starter Core # 2875553 `71 Clean,,, $30 by littleredcoffin @ Today at 05:21 PM

Starter core `71 is in the middle of sun dial and the number 2 on outer edge ..Clean core,,,not beat or been pounded on.No not tested.Priced to sell $30,calls only.I will not answer emails..Pay by US POSTAL MONEY ORDER ONLY.Calls only 603 209 1678
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Jump to new posts Re: Front Suspension Travel by YO7_A66 @ Today at 05:17 PM

Andy, I don't drive the car hard at all in corners. The only time that I can think of is when I pull up/down my drive when the surface transitions onto the street. This car is not lowered on purpose, it is just setting at the height that the alignm
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the source of the pictures
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Jump to new posts Re: Smogger 440 aftermarket head choices. by Iowan @ Today at 05:07 PM

At one time when I was full of the vigor of a younger man I had a full size 77 Dodge Monaco with a lean burn 440,long story short hemi cam, new ignition conversion, reworked the carb and duel exhaust with a gear change in the rear end. That pig went
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Jump to new posts Re: 76 Volare, yes a volare. by 65pacecar @ Today at 04:53 PM

Love it. The Side pipes give it a bit of an AMX look. That will be a fun car.
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Jump to new posts Re: WHICH PLUG WHERE? by Magnumguy @ Today at 04:47 PM

Interesting answer, didn't think about that!
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Jump to new posts Re: Woodward Dream Cruise Parking by RobG @ Today at 04:33 PM

Birmingham to Royal Joke has turned into Mini vans and pickups. Too jammed with daily drivers.
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Dodge Challenger factory hood pin kit by rustbucket @ Today at 04:25 PM

For sale: 5k mile center section removed from a '15 Challenger. Nice upgrade to a 3.09 if you have the factory 2.62. $750 plus shipping. 440-864-7252
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