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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Practice Tree by Adobedude @ Today at 12:41 PM

Seems to be a common gripe.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: How much lift can stock hemi heads take? by JAKE68 @ Today at 12:23 PM

what are the current cam specs?
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Is the CRT thing a LBA?
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Cam break in, windage tray? by fast68plymouth @ Today at 12:04 PM

If you're confident that the heads are currently set up with springs that are installed to provide 105lbs on the seat and 295lbs at peak valve lift with the cam/rockers you're running...... It should be fine. Use actual break in oil.
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Jump to new posts Re: slow ride, take it easy by Nukechargerboy @ Today at 11:50 AM

They have hills in Florida? I've only seen holes and a mouse. My friend said the hills in Florida are the dump.
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Jump to new posts Re: No power at ignition switch by Govierjr. @ Today at 11:40 AM

Just curious if you found the solution to your issue?
Gen III Hemi Tech
Jump to new posts Re: MSD 6013 Hemi 6 by B5 Classic @ Today at 11:27 AM

I don't remember the reluctor wheel tooth count(s) off the top of my head, but if it were me, I'd avoid pulling the engine and changing wheels by getting the correct MSD box for the wheel that's in your engine. This could open a small can of worms t
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: RB hydraulic roller cam by jbc426 @ Today at 11:27 AM

Originally Posted By Cab_BurgeIf it was me building your motor I would select a tight lash solid roller cam with a really good set of bushed solid roller lifter and matching valve springs, pushrods and so on. Set them once when cold and again after
Moparts General
I probably worded my original post poorly. It's not so much whether a motel would "allow" trailers, although that's a necessity, right? It was really in response to having seen the photos of a hotel IN DC that looked like you'd be park
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: OK, WHO WORKS ON POST-75 AND UP RADIOS by Jim_Lusk @ Today at 10:56 AM

I may or may not be able to fix a tuner issue, depending on the cause (I don't have a scope), but I'd take a look at them.
Moparts Engines
Jump to new posts 2001 360 Magnum Heads by jcc @ Today at 10:55 AM

2001 Ram for street with good bottom end has cracked heads, looking at what options I have, its a street application, but an alum performance head is acceptable, new or used, bolt on, if priced right. What have you got? Time critical, Needed in SW Fl
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Nitrous ? by Crabra @ Today at 10:45 AM

Thank you all for the advice.
Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
Originally Posted By big-block-daveOriginally Posted By bbtruxliterally least desireable 2nd gen cuda possible. 69 beak nose , notch back , non desireable color , slanty. And rusty. WOW, don't be so rough!!!! I'm a '69 notch LOVER!! I have 10 at t
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: heater box by Morty426 @ Today at 10:34 AM

Yes they are exactly the same
Mopar Connection Magazine
One of the most rewarding parts to install is a new exhaust system. The sound, the look and most importantly the performance gains. Recently we installed Hookers Blackheart series headers and full exhaust on our 2013 Daytona in Short vs. Long Tub
Moparts Question and Answer
Just checked. Not mentioned in the Feb 1966 Prep Notes 1.
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: A body 8 3/4 axle shaft won’t come out by rustbuckett68 @ Today at 10:24 AM

I got a sure grip from a truck at the local self serve that acted like that. Limited tools, so I grabbed the driveshaft, got lined up under the car, and speared the backing plate a couple of times. Popped loose. It was the heaviest and handiest th
Moparts Question and Answer
Originally Posted By Michael EcksInstalled a set of .960 MP bars in my challenger to replace the original 318 bars. Just wondering if I should expect any settleing (like leaf springs) after I do the initial ride height setup or if they will pretty m
Moparts A Body
Jump to new posts Wanted: 1970 Dart front bumper by 6PAX @ Today at 10:20 AM

I'm looking for a front bumper for a 1970 Dart that has real nice chrome. No rust, dents or other damage. I had a small accident in the driveway and damaged the restored/rechromed bumper on my Dart. I thought I would try finding a nice replacement fi
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Nippondenso Alternator Questiion by 80fbody @ Today at 10:08 AM

Mine came with serpentine and v groove pulley in the box. I'll have to get some numbers off it and see if I bought a dud....
Moparts General
Jump to new posts Re: Demons in the wild, because why not? by 340Cuda @ Today at 10:00 AM

I saw this one pre delivery while picking up some parts. They said they were delivering two that day that were almost just alike. I took this with my phone, not sure why it is rotated, it is not that way when viewed on my PC.
Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
Jump to new posts Re: WIW- 1972 Super bee hood? by Montclaire @ Today at 09:49 AM

I'm not looking to make a killing on it, I have it listed in a few places for $350 and if I get that I'll be happy. Just looking to get it into the hands of someone who can do something with it at a fair price. Thanks!
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
Here is one source. I've ordered parts from them with no issues though I've not used their rebuilding service.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Well done DVW by moparx @ Today at 09:21 AM

my hero ! congrats !
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 67 GTX pinion angle by Racer33 @ Today at 09:16 AM

First off how old are the tires? and how long has it been since it was at the track? Also did angle of the shocks increase when you moved the spring perches?
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