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Jump to new posts Re: Upgrades to my Barracuda by Morty426 @ 08/13/18 07:25 PM

Cool stuff. Looks like good progress.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1971 duster firewall holes??? by Thread Ender1 @ 08/13/18 06:54 PM

All the wiring for reverse run thru the windshield wiper harness. clutch switch not to sure about.
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Jump to new posts Re: SOURCES FOR CUSTOM DANA by astjp2 @ 08/13/18 06:47 PM

I build one from a truck and used the Ford Torino ends...way more brake options...
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Jump to new posts Re: Borg Warner T10 by John_Kunkel @ 08/13/18 05:51 PM

Chrysler used two different gear sets for their T-10s. For the 318 the standard set was 2.54:1 for 1st gear, 1,89:1 for second gear and 1.51:1 for third. For the BB's the close ratio set was 2.20:1 low, 1.64:1 second and 1.31 third gear.
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This has a nice fuel chart near the bottom.AFR & Lambda for different fuels CLICK HERE
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Originally Posted By 318 StrokerOriginally Posted By superbirdWill this replace the mopar blast on oct? No, Mopar Blast is a separate event, and it's on.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1972 Dodge Charger by blaze @ 08/13/18 05:26 PM

It's not completely hideous, it has a lot of potential. At least the engine compartment is the proper color.
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Jump to new posts Re: Doing something I've never done before........... by Guitar Jones @ 08/13/18 04:58 PM

Good deal. At least you don't have to pay for the repairs.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 RoadRunner SRT8 by CDN72SE @ 08/13/18 04:44 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: 735 HP + 8 3/4 with stock drum 727 by Steve1118 @ 08/13/18 04:17 PM

Got it, Doug. That would do it. What a weird thing to happen. In a Dana?
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Jump to new posts Re: Accurate exhaust discounts by burdar @ 08/13/18 04:05 PM

Get on their email list. I get discount emails from them every once in awhile. I just got one a week ago. It was a "Nats Special". 50% off shipping of $300 or more on phone orders. I think they usually have a discount on exhaust system
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yes, i believe there would be some safety concerns in addition to the metal braking differences between steel and aluminum
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Jump to new posts Re: Comp xe295hl in a 505 by BSB67 @ 08/13/18 03:27 PM

Tony, it's a solid roller. It has older school, smaller, milder lobes so I can get away with a 200/500 spring. I think the guy that sold it to me called it a "lollipop" cam. I think the numbers are similar to the Scott Brown solid you ha
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Jump to new posts Re: Got A New Toy by ChryCoGuy @ 08/13/18 03:14 PM

Congrats! Nice looking Vette. Should be a blast to drive! Regarding the naysayers, there will always be somebody with their head up their rectum that has something negative to say for whatever reasons, but honestly, who gives a crap about what oth
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Jump to new posts 276 Desoto Hemi engine by Neil @ 08/13/18 02:53 PM

Good street rod/rat rod engine for somebody?
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Call Tim at FHO,905-797-2459 to see if he has a set of the Stage V that will fit your needs I bought the heads, intake set up for dual 4150 EFI throttle bodies and rocker arm assembly at a very reasonable cost Big C.I. motors need big air to
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Jump to new posts Re: Is there a minimum length for a driveshaft? by Guitar Jones @ 08/13/18 02:02 PM

Originally Posted By dogdaysI seem to remember that universal joints need a small bit of angularity to live. Mercedes sedans with independent rear suspensions don't use universal joints at all, they use what look very much like rag joints. Then the
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Jump to new posts Re: Is spicing or shortening O2 sensor cables OK? by Hemi_Joel @ 08/13/18 01:27 PM

OK, I phoned Innovate, here is what they said: cut and splice it anyway I chose as long as it has a good connection. butt splice crimp connectors, or twist and solder, etc is OK. That's all. So now we know. I'm going to do a before and after check
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Jump to new posts Re: RareTA member not doing to well by justinp61 @ 08/13/18 01:17 PM

Prayers sent.
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Jump to new posts Re: (real?)1970 super bee factory Hurst shifter. by Cuda340 @ 08/13/18 01:11 PM

That looks GM to me.
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Originally Posted By Silver70A black top that sees a lot of sun will shrink more than a mod top I doubt sits outside much. Good point but my building does get very hot inside and it had been my car of choice to drive lately. It looks like the OP top
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