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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Best 7" round LED Headlights by OUTLAWD @ 01/17/19 06:35 PM

Trucklite here...better in every way. Less current, more light, I am powering them through the OEM wiring, no relay or anything. Measure the voltage drop at the light and it was negligible. Only thing, they stick out slightly past the trim ring. Ma
Modern Moparts Muscle
Jump to new posts Re: 3.0 V6 water pump by MorePower @ 01/17/19 06:30 PM

I have a Diablo Trinity T1000 tuner, unmarried ready for your car. I can update it before I send it. Asking 400.00 shipped in the main 48 USA.
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Jump to new posts Re: B-J 1960 Plymouth Convertible auction by McCandlessboy @ 01/17/19 06:20 PM

The 60 didn't bring money because it wasn't a factory commando car. Think of it as a recreation. A real one would have brought 50% more
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Jump to new posts Re: CBD oil by MidPenMopar @ 01/17/19 05:45 PM

Originally Posted By Fat_Mike. You know why the list of "side effects" on that garbage is so long? Because it's horrible for you. Amen to that!! They took me off of the chemo after only a few treatments as it was going to kill me quic
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 T/A B.A.T. by ragtopdodge @ 01/17/19 05:25 PM

Very nice #3 car. Underside is original, but that's ok. Able to drive the snot out of it. Fender tags look pretty new. Hmm... Hood is awesome! Not bowed at all! I like it! I bet reserve is like $70k, but on BAT...where musclecars don't do a
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Jump to new posts Gladiator power brake booster by dvw @ 01/17/19 04:48 PM

I need to replace the power brake booster on my 1967 Gladiator. I can find 3 different part #'s available from Centric. But they are listed for Wagoneers. Nothing for Gladiators. Are they the same? Does anyone have a source? Thanks Doug
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Jump to new posts Re: Electrical Issues by jeebis44 @ 01/17/19 04:32 PM

OK thanks folks - will give that a try
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Jump to new posts Re: WIW KODASCOPE EIGHT MODEL 50 by rarefish @ 01/17/19 03:41 PM

A working unit, about $30 -$45
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Hey Cab, the B1MC heads I bought used from Tom in Utah were ported by a guy named Gold at Fastlane Machine Inc at 801-226-5511 also in Utah. Best Machine built my B-block (THE BLOCK) 499" Bonneville bullet and checked out/freshened these heads i
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: 69 b body rally dash amp gauge by challenger70 @ 01/17/19 03:29 PM

I did mine through Redline Guage Works. I also did it on my ebody when they restored those guages. I like it, but I am running a 160 amp MSD 1 wire alternator.
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Jump to new posts 1979 D-50 pickup by WadeMetzinger @ 01/17/19 02:38 PM

1979 D-50 pickup All tube chassis (mild steel) The body is Steel except for the hood 4 link, coil over shocks Willwood brakes on all 4 corners 9-inch Ford rear end with a 4.56 gears Front coilover shocks Weighs 2,600 pound without driver Powerglide
Classic/Streetrods/Hotrods - 1961 and Before
Jump to new posts Re: 1937-38 plymouth tail light to fender gaskets by Joesixpack @ 01/17/19 02:20 PM

1658535 nos ignition rotors, 2, fit 392 hemi, 413 300 D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L$25 each
Moparts Engines
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - All Other Mopar Engines - 1st Quarter by Joesixpack @ 01/17/19 02:14 PM

nos 2084653 slant six distributor gear,pin&washer pkg,$25 mailed
Moparts Memorabilia
Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Memorabilia - For Sale - 1st Quarter by 69_SIX_PACK @ 01/17/19 01:35 PM

Stealth Service Manuals these are originals not reprints. These were used at a Dodge Dealer so they do have some wear, bent pages, etc. 1994 Stealth Electrical - $30 1995 Stealth Body and Electrical - $55 All prices in USD and include shipping anyw
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Jump to new posts Re: Current values of 63 and 64 Plymouth 2 doors by topside @ 01/17/19 12:52 PM

Yeah, that one looked NICE. There was also a nice '64 Sport Fury that sold for $24,000 I think. Bear in mind I'm seeing them on TV, not there.
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Charger Electric Washer Pump Nut by jim6346 @ 01/17/19 12:47 PM

Thanks everyone! On order as we speak.
Moparts General
Jump to new posts Re: Main page change ?!?!?!?!? by mopars4ever @ 01/17/19 12:26 PM

Quote:I had to go look. Cannot remember the last time I visited the main page. same here
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 70RR inside door standing bird location? by xs29j8 @ 01/17/19 12:16 PM

The original decals had alignment features built into the backing material trim... reproductions may not have this feature... This drawing should help:
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Milodon External oil system simple Q: by Al_Alguire @ 01/17/19 11:59 AM

I've been using the black nylon hose for a few years with no issues. I also use on internal spring when it is going to be making tight turns for sure if not always
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Jump to new posts Re: 1968 Plymouth Valiant North Carolina 25,000 by not_a_charger @ 01/17/19 11:44 AM

At least it's not brown with tan interior, I suppose. What a nice car. Truly.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: where to purchase 2" 90* mandrel bends ? by moparx @ 01/17/19 11:28 AM

Originally Posted By DdusterYou need to know the bend radius as well. To match the existing tubes. correct. the first thing to do. although in this instance [and i know it sounds insane], i'm just going to repair the "side" portion that
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Jump to new posts Re: Cuda/Challenger Shaker Cables? by JEJJ @ 01/17/19 11:14 AM

"With the right audience in the hunt seeing these, I could foresee big $$" What "that guy" said.......x2
Moparts Question and Answer
Originally Posted By lewtot184the converter to flex plate screw heads are .190" thick. don't confuse them with flex plate to crank screws that have a .250" head thickness. thanks lew ! just what i needed.
Gen III Hemi Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 64 B-Body/Hellcat 6.2 Headers by sixpackgut @ 01/17/19 10:45 AM

Ron, i think the only problem is when guys use shumacher mounts with stock k frames. Im not sure how tti mounts differ than Schumacher and your not using a stock K either so its all questionable
Moparts General
Jump to new posts Re: LOL! I had to for old times sake! by moparx @ 01/17/19 10:15 AM

just saddle up to the bar and explain.....
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