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Jump to new posts Re: Headliner alternatives?, 68 Barracuda Fastback by FurryStump @ 10/15/18 09:54 AM

It does go under the windshield and rear glass gaskets and gets hooked on little teeth that are just on the interior side of the pinch weld. I also believe they was spray adhesive there and I’m sure they use it in the sail panel area. You may be ab
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Jump to new posts Re: Hanging the front of the Trans? by hemi-itis @ 10/15/18 09:37 AM

Originally Posted By Digger73Don't forget to put a C-clamp on the bell housing to hold the converter in place if leaving it in the trans. Digger73 (Mike) A length of flat stock with a hole on the end and bolt to the trans holds it in even if it's g
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Jump to new posts Re: Robots per 10,000 workers by country by moparx @ 10/15/18 09:27 AM

Originally Posted By 360view Oldtimers: do you remember the old lathes that would run punch card machining routines? started my machinist career with those and "tape" machines. learned those first, then the manual machines, then taug
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Jump to new posts Re: Different size bearing halves? by sgcuda @ 10/15/18 09:27 AM

A lot of modern engine (at least on the Chrysler side) use a standard bearing half for the block, and different letter or color bearing halves on the caps. I think Honda does this, too.
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Jump to new posts Re: GTX Project with Satellite by ScottSmith_Harms @ 10/15/18 09:12 AM

I'm pretty sure that's the car Frank on American Pickers bought on an episode a year or so back?
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Jump to new posts Re: D400 - Should I convert from Manual to Auto? by Rhinodart @ 10/15/18 08:48 AM

Originally Posted By ahyI like that vintage Dodge truck... both the 400 and 700 are nice. Does the 700 have a 2 speed rear? I believe it is a 5-speed, I haven't had it on the road yet and it doesn't have the extra switch for the 2-speed rear...
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I was so busy my phone only came out for calls and texts! I didn't even think about taking any pics, I will see if anyone else did...
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Jump to new posts Re: Least favorite job on car? by TiMopar @ 10/15/18 08:38 AM

Originally Posted By 65pacecarHitting my head on the hood latch hook on a 69 B-Body. That thing is evil, I seem to hit it almost every time I work on one. get a bright green tennis ball, cut a hole in it and place over latch when hood is open...
Moparts Question and Answer
Originally Posted By DaytonaTurboI didn't feel any difference going from shot out stock bushings to the polyurethanes. Later I went and made my own out of steel and welded them to the k-frame. That's a good new for me! The rubber new repro pieces b
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Question on hot wire for electric choke by NachoRT74 @ 10/15/18 03:11 AM

Originally Posted By RapidRobertthe blue ign1 wire running alongside the pass valve cover going to the alt field. You would want minimal voltage drops everywhere in that circuit. And thats what factory did. On a 73 in fact, the provision already ex
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Jump to new posts Re: Detroit Locker-can’t get axle end play correct. by viperblue72 @ 10/15/18 02:24 AM

They both have spacers. The sure grip is 489 and the Detroit is 742. I am wondering if the spacers are different.
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Super Car Sunday has been moved to Pierce College starting next Sunday at the big Porsche Marque Day. There “will be an unveiling a new and very special Porsche” Pierce Collage located at 6201 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91371 You must en
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Jump to new posts Re: couple 65 coronets by AndyF @ 10/15/18 01:18 AM

I'm a '65 Dodge Coronet guy and I don't see much value there. I don't think I'd pay more than $3000 for everything he is selling if it was delivered to my door. Looks like a pile of rust to me.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hooker header part number 5832 ??? by Don_440 @ 10/15/18 01:17 AM

From my 1982 hooker header catalog,72-82 dodge/plymouth 2 wheel drive truck,will not fit stock heads,designed for use with optional W-2 heads, 1 3/4 in tubes,30 in. lenght,3 in collector.will not fit column shift. Don
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Jump to new posts Re: MCACN Show Motels by Devil @ 10/15/18 12:29 AM

Originally Posted By Hemi_JoelLast year, I stayed at: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago O'Hare Airport - Rosemont 5460 North River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018 It was a nice place, no complaints. It was almost right across the street from an entrance
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Jump to new posts Re: Rockauto Price and Quality queston. by TimS @ 10/14/18 10:26 PM

I stopped buying anything from Rock Auto a few years ago. I was ripped off on two master cylinder cores that I sent back at different times, probably a year or so apart, but never received my core money. Rock Auto just totally washed their hands of t
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Jump to new posts Re: Location of "Dodge" trunk and hood badges? by DrCharles @ 10/14/18 10:17 PM

All I can find is this old brochure pic, still no measurements
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Jump to new posts VERY interesting program ... US Secret Service ON NOW .... by Doc Fiberglass @ 10/14/18 09:46 PM

...but being replayed at midnite to 2am .... Sometimes 2 AF 1s ... 2 C5-A's !! ... On at 11 is about AF1 itself ... On Nat Geo channel ..
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: drilled and slotted brake rotors? by RalleyA12 @ 10/14/18 09:39 PM

Bought some brakes for my 2011 Ram from brakemotive76 on ebay. I bought their best carbon/ceramic pads with plated rotors. They ended up being made by PowerStop. Paid about $100 less than what Jeg's or Summit charged. $230 for all 4 wheels, drilled
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Jump to new posts Re: stripped holley threads by 68DART360 @ 10/14/18 09:35 PM

Thanks guys for all of the great info. Napa to the rescue. Half the price of the Holley kit
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 727 shield by Doc Fiberglass @ 10/14/18 09:23 PM

Never did any CF work but FG gets stronger with age. ESPECIALLY in a higher temp situation.
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Jump to new posts Jegs discount code by 4406bbl @ 10/14/18 09:04 PM

SAVEMORE 10 off 100 20 off 200 40 off 400
Transport Services Wanted/Offered
Jump to new posts Re: Transport Needed from Chicago to Los Angeles by Rhinodart @ 10/14/18 09:04 PM

I too have a car in Orange County I need to pick-up, zip codes best!
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Jump to new posts Re: Bullitt returning to the big screen..... by Lee446 @ 10/14/18 08:49 PM

I can't believe nobody mentioned Jacqueline Bisset, best body in the movie! Then the Charger. I sure don't remember the Charger being a stick, when Hickman goes to buckle up, you could clearly see the Chrome auto shifter. I will also say that you are
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Barracuda M code by davesmopars @ 10/14/18 08:38 PM

Originally Posted By RhinodartGlad you got over there to help her, Dave. Jim, Thanks First thing I see when we open the garage door was the NOS header panel steering right at me.
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