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Jump to new posts Re: Engine and Trans Lost & Found by Alaskan_TA @ 01/17/18 10:22 AM

Originally Posted By smugglerFound -- 833 trans dated Oct 16, 1970 (PP833 3002 113) Stamped 0E125281 for LA built car New one to me, but it is from a Plymouth B-body. I'll note it in the 1970 LA Registry & contact you if I hear of the c
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Jump to new posts 85 Lebaron Convertible by Neil @ 01/17/18 10:03 AM

Planes Trains and Automobiles movie comes to mind.
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Jump to new posts 66 Charger project by Neil @ 01/17/18 10:00 AM

There are a surprising number of the 66-67 Chargers around here. Some are dead, but a few do still run.
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Jump to new posts Re: Powder coat a dash frame? by cnxt @ 01/17/18 09:43 AM

No different than paint as far as grounding goes. Get out the Dremel and hit the ground points, simple.
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Jump to new posts Re: The Cranberries lead singer passes away. by RoadRunner @ 01/17/18 08:51 AM

Originally Posted By DaveRS23O'Riordan had looks, talent, success, and was admired by many, many people. But somehow, it wasn't enough. Actually, was probably too much. She has been quoted saying that the success was something that worried her as
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Jump to new posts Re: 6.4 BGE specs by L4staero @ 01/17/18 05:11 AM

BGE has same chamber size as Apache The lower comp in the BGE is from dished pistons
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 e body gauge cluster with tach by HEMICUDA @ 01/17/18 05:01 AM

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Actually, there is a guy in Ohio that is popping out the 50s International trucks on Durango frames. He make it sound pretty easy, and he is using nearly everything from the Durango. The 5.7 Hemi was available in a 2004 Durango.... 50s trucks are ea
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Jump to new posts Re: 52 pickup and 25 Chrysler score by poorboy @ 01/16/18 11:55 PM

Here are pictures of the original cab with the lower grill piece and an original frame, and one of my current cab with just the top nose and my modified frame. The thing hanging in the grill is a trans cooler, and its just hanging there. I was hoping
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Jump to new posts Re: SHOCKS W/ SS SPRINGS by 383man @ 01/16/18 11:01 PM

I also still use SS springs and I just use the Mopar Performance extended shocks. They have no adjustments as they are just a basic shock that extends longer so the SS springs can work. Been working fine on my 63. Ron
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Jump to new posts Re: Trying to help friend with her Impala a/c by savoy64 @ 01/16/18 10:41 PM

even my 2006 300c actuator door will click after the ignition is off....
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Jump to new posts Re: Trade/Swap/Free/ & Brand X - 1st Quarter by wannadrag @ 01/16/18 10:41 PM

1941 Plymouth Coupe Gasser, Speedway front axle set up.8.8 Ford 373 geared posi rear, Mild 355 chevy engine, Rebuilt TH 350 trans with 3200 stall converter. New tires, wheels, fuel tank, hard lines. $15,500 or trade for a 68-70 B body or 68-72 A body
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Jump to new posts Re: WIW 383 with 727 by frank @ 01/16/18 10:16 PM

Appreciate everyone's input. To answer a few questions: 750 Competition series carb MP aluminum intake Eddy heads Forged Sealed Power pistons, molly rings Stock rods and crank Windage tray Melling stock oil pump MP electronic ignition Aluminum water
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if easy to get, I'd go for it. If you can put together a complete changeover, either BB or MT, I think you'd attract some buyers. People spend much more than that on car conversions, but I'd think it would be more than worth your time. Heck around he
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Jump to new posts Re: What ever happened to Wild Bill by Eric @ 01/16/18 09:41 PM

Great seeing you at 42 Bill. And for all the other folks who don’t know Bill’s daughter is a hitter 😉 . Wafflebatter and I spend some time watching JR’ know why? They grow up and become killler big car racers. I like to be prepared
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Jump to new posts Re: Looking for some "Sound" advice by 1fastrunner @ 01/16/18 09:40 PM

I'm really happy with it, but I don't really have the rear speakers where they should be. Right now they are behind our loveseat and right behind our heads. I have them facing away because of the cord and so they aren't right in our ear. There are ti
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Jump to new posts Re: 2016 scatpack challenger auto or 6 speed by carcrazyguy @ 01/16/18 09:37 PM

I used to be a manual shift is the only way to go, person. However the new hydraulic clutch cars have no pedal feel. Not the same a driving an old mechanical linkage manual shift car. So after 5 years of hydraulic clutch driving....make mine an A8
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I would use the same clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, starter and bell housing If the new motor makes enough torque and HP to need a better clutch you can always change it later I ran all three type, Borg and Beck, long and centrifugal
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Jump to new posts Re: Moparts official power adder thread by Jeremiah @ 01/16/18 09:15 PM

This was a "175" jetted NOS Big Shot and I shut it off because it was going lean. Still had 1000 RPM to go. Made 750 at 7000ish na. w/ a single 4150. Don't mind the right O2 is was going South during the dyno session. If you examine t
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar RB 572 1000 HP Project 1970 Cuda by racerx @ 01/16/18 08:22 PM

is has a nice top end charge .
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I bought the Orange one from Harbor Freight, it had oil in it.
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Jump to new posts Re: Speaking of cop cars....... by UCUDANT @ 01/16/18 07:42 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Dollor for dollar best investment for 650+ HP by fourgearsavoy @ 01/16/18 07:41 PM

Originally Posted By OhioMoparMost likely a B/RB. 650 horespower doesn't really have a low cost option. Lol. Or not one that will live very long! You can build an Indy head stroker for under 10K that will last forever if you do your own assembly ca
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Jump to new posts Re: Par-Al-Ketone by PurpleBeeper @ 01/16/18 06:58 PM

I haven't used this particular product, but it's basically grease/oil with some solvent in it to make it thin enough to pour/brush. It should work just fine keeping bare metal from rusting and/or to protect hard-to-paint areas. I did not see/read t
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Jump to new posts Re: Convertible rear window by PurpleBeeper @ 01/16/18 06:52 PM

Although many aftermarket tops are available with a plastic window.
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