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Jump to new posts Re: Pole building rental by 5thAve @ 01/14/18 03:23 PM

That's how it works here too^^^ Give him a written warning that his stuff is on your property and you want it gone. If he doesn't move anything have it hauled off.
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Jump to new posts Re: YO Hood Hinges 1971-1973 Charger - Any Good? by NachoRT74 @ 01/14/18 02:21 PM

I don't think YO will get a diff manufacturer than some others. I guess will be nice to check for that.
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Jump to new posts Re: Clean 1974 Dodge Minnie Winnie by NTOLERANCE @ 01/14/18 02:12 PM

Rear entrance door means there usually isn't a rear bed room. Maybe a dinette that turns into a single bed. Likely a toilet in the shower combo as well Looks pretty clean though. Not sure it has much function use other than a short haul weekende
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Jump to new posts Re: Ford cheating with diesel emissions? by Dave Hall @ 01/14/18 02:10 PM

I agree that it should be the same for everyone. Again I'll say that the overall program has been successful. Different engines have different "allowable" emissions. The numbers are different. 4.6L-1.4L, etc. There are certain things that t
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Not mine, heavy but a good deal at 250 shipped if on a budget and I think this number is a ihra? approved 340 piston.
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Jump to new posts Re: Need help id'ing an old table saw by magnum440d100 @ 01/14/18 12:04 PM

Originally Posted By Orange_CrushThat's the original motor and it should be fine for about anything you'll use it for...unless you have projects that require cutting thicker oak and maple. FYI, those motors are rebuildable by any motor shop. A comm
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I can only offer my experience with a Chrysler Airflow straight-8 engine. In the end I couldn't give it away. It was worth $0.05/lb as scrap.
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Jump to new posts zinik wheels by azmopar @ 01/14/18 11:46 AM

Cam off my 05 Dodge Magnum, should fit Chargers 300s and Challengers these are 18 x 8.5 nice shape with good caps, $450 plus shipping can be picked up in Goodyear AZ as well
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Jump to new posts Re: BB Distributor Drive Gears by markz528 @ 01/14/18 11:05 AM

I have a Lunati hydraulic roller (BTW - unless you keep the rpms really low I don't recommend it). They told me to send the mopar performance gear assembly to comp cams to get nitrided and never look back. That's what I did but don't have enough m
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Jump to new posts Re: Collectors...60’s Dodge magazines by azmopar @ 01/14/18 11:04 AM

Originally Posted By FrankenScamp Awesome! Hope it works out for you. That’s with this section is all about, right? thanks for the heads up ill let ya know what happens
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Originally Posted By 69DartmanThe wheels actually look good on the car I'd consider keeping them myself but it's your car so do what makes you happy. My Dart I put 70 rally wheels on because I like them, Neon has the factory steel wheels and hubcaps.
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Jump to new posts Re: freeze plug fitment issue by srt @ 01/14/18 10:55 AM

I typically use just a smear of non hardening permatex on the plug, mainly as a "lube". plugs are so tight they will wipe anything from the walls as they are inserted. I like the thought that should there be any scraping or imperfections in
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Can the Borgeson box be used with a Federal pump? Can a Federal pump be used with Hydroboost system?
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Jump to new posts Re: Fuzzy felt material by Bartman @ 01/14/18 10:42 AM

Thanks and sure appreciate the info and go an email from another member also that RT Specialties might be making repops also.
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I would be more concerned using a hydraulic cam and lifter setup in a motor that has intersecting valve centerlines.
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Originally Posted By rocksmoparSame for me, had to replace the casters on my HF mechanical wheel dollies. They work great.. What is a good wheel to use as a replacement?
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Jump to new posts Re: Carb suggestions, looking at going Holley-Update by dart4forte @ 01/14/18 10:07 AM

Originally Posted By Belvedere1I really appreciate the offer and short of me making a couple of distributor adjustments I will take you up on it. I feel like I am closer than I have ever been on this. I agree the that remedy lies in the ignition and
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Jump to new posts Re: RIP Kieth Jackson sportscaster by 340Cuda @ 01/14/18 10:07 AM

One of the first three TV drag race announcers also. Nice tribute on Facebook from my favorite announcer Brian Lohnes:
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Jump to new posts Re: 1968 B Body upper cowl removal by Stanton @ 01/14/18 09:22 AM

Quote:Not necessarily. Burning paint and melting lead do put off fumes that aren't lung friendly. Well I suppose if you toke the stuff regularly it'll eventually kill you, so yeah, you're right.
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Jump to new posts Re: Here's something you don't see very often by BBLM23 @ 01/14/18 09:15 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: 1987 Ram charger by OhioMopar @ 01/14/18 04:31 AM

Originally Posted By hulmuleSeen them before, about as common as a bench seat in a Cuda. personally don't care for them .Would rather have a console. Plus easier to get into the back. Wish it had a 360 EFI You've got enough trucks/Ramchargers! Get t
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Jump to new posts Re: Planning a new street build by OhioMopar @ 01/14/18 01:42 AM

Awesome car! I built a low deck 512 last summer, and am hoping to get it installed before this spring. I went with a 400 block, .040 over, and bought the 440 Source stroker kit with the lightweight crank. I upgraded the rod bolts and got the dished
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Jump to new posts Re: ALTERNATOR WIRING 101..................... by Thumperdart @ 01/14/18 12:09 AM

Yes on the cut off switch and NAPA made me a big dog years ago but not sure on the exact size but it was WAY lighter than the welding cable and I only lose about a .10 of a volt from the alt. to the batteries in the trunk...........The HHR fan and th
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar 1968 18 Spline Transmission Find by 6bblgt @ 01/13/18 11:17 PM

8A280403 would be a Plymouth b-body if it has always been an 18-spline, HEMI Road Runner or HEMI/440 GTX
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Jump to new posts Re: How to get email notifications? by V194 @ 01/13/18 10:06 PM

Originally Posted By astjp2Do you want to be notified via email when you receive a private message? Yes No Its the fourth item from the bottom. just check the Yes box I got that but I want to be notified when I get a comment on a thread I posted t
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