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Jump to new posts Re: Operation 1970 Road Runner.. 383 4speed a/c by rdrnr6970 @ 09/17/18 03:28 PM

very cool bird!
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Jump to new posts Re: 2002 Ram 3500 cummins no start? by a12rag @ 09/17/18 03:25 PM

Yay . . . easy fix !!! Always check the easy stuff first !
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Jump to new posts Re: Chrysler Friends and Family Discount? by Cuda340 @ 09/17/18 03:17 PM

Originally Posted By SNK-EYZI can set you up with a Friends Control Number. I’m out of town till late tomorrow night. I’ll PM you when I get back home. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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Michelin pilots are available in 17's, was looking at a set for my 65 Cuda. But my Cuda doesn't need as big a tire to "look right" either. So, YMMV.
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Never seen factory repair. But I haven't seen everything the factory did either. That looks more like a field repair.
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Jump to new posts Re: Moparts account hacked? by moparts @ 09/17/18 03:06 PM

Originally Posted By NeilCannot stay logged in today at all. Tried to post and half the time I get a "cannot post in this forum" message and I get logged back out. Try deleting your cookies and then logging in again,
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Jump to new posts Re: Howards cams and lifters by bubby440 @ 09/17/18 01:37 PM

Originally Posted By Cab_BurgeOriginally Posted By 65Fury440I run this cam and EDM lifters, That be a big street cam Your my kind of street car driver That's the cam I'm thin
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Jump to new posts Re: Torque Spec for Bango Bolts by John_Kunkel @ 09/17/18 01:29 PM

Originally Posted By Supercuda Because they have qualified engineers and not some internet clown making the decisions. Gosh, Cuda, you seem to be upset. Was it something I said? You might have followed the link posted above and you'd find
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Mopar Full Size - Parts - 3rd Quarter by mopars4ever @ 09/17/18 12:50 PM

NOS right side head light housing for a 66 Chrysler New Yorker. Mopar part number 2579652. $25 plus shipping.
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Jump to new posts Re: Very sad weather reporting. by 74RALLYE @ 09/17/18 12:08 PM

"Very Sad"? I thought it was funny as heck. The weather guy made a fool out of his self and provided us with the only laugh to come out of this hurricane.
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Jump to new posts Re: Wire terminal identification by ChuxGTX @ 09/17/18 11:59 AM

Thank you!
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Jump to new posts Re: LA 318 Spark Plug with 5/8" hex? by ZIPPY @ 09/17/18 11:48 AM

N series champion are 13/16. RN12YC, RN9YC (colder) are common. C series are 5/8. RC12YC, or RC9YC (colder). Autolite 5/8 3924, or 3923 (colder) are 5/8. ngk I haven't been able to memorize, haven't used enough of them.
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Jump to new posts Re: slant six carb by RapidRobert @ 09/17/18 11:25 AM

Can you drill a hole in the throttle bracket & use the common "horizontle" bolt/nut that later engines use. EDIT or even if need be, bolt a flat piece of metal to the bracket to correctly locate the bolt/nut to get your "leverage &
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Jump to new posts Which Manual shows E-body panel construction? by lostdog @ 09/17/18 11:16 AM

I am continuing sheet metal work on my '73 Barracuda. Can someone tell me which manual I need that shows body construction and panel fitment? thanks !
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Jump to new posts Re: Got My Wife a New Snapper! Pics! by 62maxwgn @ 09/17/18 10:50 AM

My wife has enough to do without cutting grass,never did,never will and I wouldn't expect her to !!
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Jump to new posts Re: Dads 69 Charger is coming home by Moparnut426 @ 09/17/18 10:44 AM

Corey, Nope, that was a full drag car Dad had bought, this is one I remember riding home from school in when I was 5 or 6. One of the first 4 Speeds I ever driven, and the car I badly wanted to restore myself some day. Im still gonna do a bunch o
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Jump to new posts Re: 78 440 truck headers by scratchnfotraction @ 09/17/18 10:08 AM

IIRC my hedman 79250 fit 2x & 4x4 chassis I know on my 2x chassis they do not hang down below the frame rail either side. fit right in there with no jacking engine around, and good plug/wire clearance. IIRC this is the same set Bouchilon sell i
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Saw the car, didn't look like it ever had a woodgrain decal on the dash. With the exception of the aftermarket radio and speakers in kick panels, the interior seemed quite original.
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Jump to new posts Re: My Dyno fetish by moparx @ 09/17/18 09:32 AM

Originally Posted By quickd100Yep the Thermoquad is my favorite carb. I don't think it will like an adapter to work on the ram manifolds though. For what I had to pay and because of their scarcity, I really hesitate to start hacking on them. In prev
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That's great!
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Jump to new posts Re: Hotwire harness by moparmarks @ 09/17/18 07:02 AM

Looks like we are going to use a Vintage Air box so that should give us the room we need. Thanks guys.
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Jump to new posts Re: Street Outlaws/ West Coast cartel race by 360tripleblack77 @ 09/17/18 07:01 AM

Good luck Brother!! I'm excited to see your car back to the track!!!
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Jump to new posts Re: 1992 D 350 diesel leak hellp by Guitar Jones @ 09/17/18 06:40 AM

Here is a parts diagram. VE pump
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Jump to new posts Re: NOS TA Air Cleaner Sticker by NANKET @ 09/17/18 03:20 AM

Generally the sticker is cut to size. The white border appears because the sticker shrinks and the backing does not.
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Jump to new posts Re: World block ? by tex013 @ 09/17/18 03:08 AM

More pics Machine at welch plug is about 0.060 deep Measures about 13mm thick near mount as best i can measure . I want to mount a tq strap off upper ear above oil pump so that should be ok . Casting mark from whoever cast block , CF ? Not sure where
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