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Jump to new posts Re: 73 Charger cl Dallas by RoadRunnerLuva @ 12/10/18 05:44 PM

No 1973 or '74 Chargers had hideaway headlamps. Seller lists items from fender tag, but no picture of the tag itself, or the vin plate on the I-panel..
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Jump to new posts Re: 68 AMX by BlueRidge440 @ 12/10/18 05:42 PM

All the sudden I have a strong desire for a peppermint...
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Jump to new posts Re: Darts, and Challengers, and Satellites by Pacnorthcuda @ 12/10/18 05:32 PM

Originally Posted By ragtopdodgeface it; musclecar market is FLAT! What's on the upswing? Imports. 240Zs, 2002s, 510s, even '70s RWD Celicas. Problem is, bodywork and paint is just as expensive on an old Datsun 620 pickup as it is on a Superbee.
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Jump to new posts Re: B Body - Cars Wanted - 4th Quarter by jdana24 @ 12/10/18 05:20 PM

Looking to purchase a 1968, 1969, or 1970 Dodge Coronet convertible, 4-speed, that is in good to excellent condition. Prefer numbers matching drivetrain, along with service work records, and documentation. Feel free to message me through this board.
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Jump to new posts Re: Surviver , 1974 Plymouth Duster, by skicker @ 12/10/18 05:06 PM

Originally Posted By RoadRunnerLuvaThat dash pad looks to be melted That's about what the one on Dad's looked like when we bought it... The cover helped to hide it but it was pretty obvious it was toast... All in all if nothing is worse t
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Brand new, no longer need these $395 shipped to lower 48.
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Will say that My 1972 340 Rally car ran well with one till it warped. If ya super tune one like the Doctor says you can really get them to put some gas out
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Jump to new posts Re: Time-Sert or Ez-Loc or other thread repair? by rickseeman @ 12/10/18 03:36 PM

Time inserts look good when done.
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Jump to new posts Re: clean 1973 Fury wagon by RoadRunnerLuva @ 12/10/18 03:31 PM

Nice looking wagon, and I is a miracle nobody turned it into a derby car, or trashed it. I will go as far as saying it may belong in the Mopar Survivors tent at a major show....and I like green cars/trucks as well! BTW...Mrs. Brady woul
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Jump to new posts Re: 72 Scamp by RoadRunnerLuva @ 12/10/18 03:20 PM

That must be joe dirt's daily driver, and his brother, dirty dan, the scam man.. is selling it for him....
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Jump to new posts Re: Just bought this Autometer Prostock Tach by Sammy @ 12/10/18 03:09 PM

Autometer says it wont work for burnout. It goes by rpm drop. After burnout, the engine goes to idle which will confuse the computer. I'm out of luck. Ge did say you can try playing with it at the track
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Jump to new posts Re: 72 duster by RustyM @ 12/10/18 03:09 PM

Thanks guys.
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Jump to new posts Re: E-bay 10% Code here... by ragtopdodge @ 12/10/18 02:10 PM

PEDAL2METAL ends 12/10 tonight! Add a bunch to your shopping cart, then apply the code.
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Jump to new posts Re: Ebay 10% Off Today in Auto parts by ragtopdodge @ 12/10/18 02:07 PM

cool! Saved another $100! Remember, you can do multiple items if you add them to your shopping cart and then apply the code.
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Jump to new posts Re: OEM Auto Trans Floor Shifter rebuild kit by mopars4ever @ 12/10/18 01:01 PM

I don`t know of a rebuild kit. CRT had a replacement detent plate but I think it was for reverse valve bodies.
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Jump to new posts Re: Holley by Cab_Burge @ 12/10/18 12:27 PM

Go try what you have now and then decide if they work good enough for your deal If not then think about what those carbs need to have changed to make you happy
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it was sold in the mid 80's due to life getting in the way, and a ton more job responsibilities which required way more hours to be invested. after that, my "toy time" dropped to zero. even retirement [several years ago] hasn't allowed any
Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
around $35-45, +/- there abouts, RR.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fuel cell question by MR_P_BODY @ 12/10/18 11:54 AM

If your scared of .062 put a skid plate under it with a gap... I had 30+ years of building tanks.. 6061 is hard to bend with out a nice radius.. stainless.. is pricey
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Jump to new posts Re: Blower fuse overheating by moparx @ 12/10/18 11:46 AM

thanks for the update, and glad you got it sorted out !
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and would these coils work on a 392 as well ?
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Jump to new posts Re: 2001 Ford Ranger PCM Question by 70sixpkRT @ 12/10/18 11:02 AM

Thank you.
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Jump to new posts Re: Crown Vic front end by Truck Y'all ! @ 12/10/18 10:34 AM

Here's a pic of the steering shaft we built.
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