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Jump to new posts Re: Another vicious dog attack by justinp61 @ 01/11/18 08:46 PM

Originally Posted By krautrockWith the metropolis thing. Population of dogs and children perhaps?? interesting thing to note with the mcclesky case. Dog owner had six fullgrown dogs and 14 puppies on the property. Backyard breeder. And the owner
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Jump to new posts Re: width difference - B-RB ? by polyspheric @ 01/11/18 08:12 PM

A major reason for 60° bank angle choice today is FWD's space limitations: the cross-wise engine length is better than L4 by several inches* but the width radiator to firewall is less than a 90° (which would be shorter top to bottom). Engine lengt
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Jump to new posts Re: Fuel Line Size? by frank @ 01/11/18 08:07 PM

I use a factory 3/8 supply line (-6) and a 1/2 inch (-8) return line for my 496 car. In tank pump. No fuel issues.
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Jump to new posts Re: Rare 71 Sports Fury on Fantomworks? by V194 @ 01/11/18 08:07 PM

Originally Posted By RhinodartOriginally Posted By V194Its has 1970 Fury Hood. Please explain the difference in 70 and 71 hoods? No bulge hood in 71? Yep To my knowledge the bulge hood was only 70.
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Jump to new posts Re: 2006 dakota pcm question by Stroker Scamp @ 01/11/18 07:33 PM

Figured I would update we ran another relay to bypass old one, Now intermittently will throw a code of P0883 High voltage instead of low. Check engine light will be on, sometimes the trans will act up but if we shut it off and restart it drives fine.
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Jump to new posts Re: repair TIPM module 2006 dodge ram by Stroker Scamp @ 01/11/18 07:16 PM

Anyone replaced one of these lately, I am having issues with a '06 Dakota causing intermittent trans issues. I see aftermarket ones on the web from a bunch of sources other than the dealer
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Jump to new posts Re: Pro Stock anyone? by slantzilla @ 01/11/18 07:01 PM

They had a set at Motion powered by a 392 Hemi.
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Very nice. Figured they were going on a reverse dome considering the combustion chamber work.
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Jump to new posts Re: 71 up - Left fender well. 73-9 by moparmarks @ 01/11/18 06:17 PM

From a 73 left front inner fender, apron. No rust issues but has a small dent. 200.00 Plus shipping. Take check, MO or PP. Free delivery to the MATS or S/Fling with prepaid.
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Jump to new posts Re: Smallblock Turbo Manifolds Hitting Ebay by furious70 @ 01/11/18 06:04 PM

yup, I used these rather than build [img][/img]
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Jump to new posts Re: Engine builders using Icon pistons by EchoSixMike @ 01/11/18 05:35 PM

Have three sets, quite happy with them for shelf pistons. S/F....Ken M
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Jump to new posts Re: 67 B-body windshield wiper question by NANKET @ 01/11/18 05:11 PM

No, you have an airfoil pictured. 1967 B-bodies didn't come with airfoil. Yes all the exposed wiper arm and blade parts are the matte silver anti glare finish.
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Jump to new posts Re: 91 dakota questions by poorboy @ 01/11/18 04:44 PM

I've seen a lot of the 904 based transmissions take a lot of abuse in stock form. When they were built right, they were really tough. The small trans seems to fit a little better in the early Dakota chassis, gives more room for exhaust. I would be m
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Jump to new posts Re: Drag Race Torsion Bars by Bad340fish @ 01/11/18 03:49 PM

I run the /6 Bars in my 68 Barracuda and they work well. I drive it lots on the street and they handle OK. My car is also a little more nose heavy than most, it has W2 heads on an R1 block as well as the stock steel hood.
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Buying a car sight unseen online can have negative consequences sometimes. In most cases, unless you can look at the car yourself or arrange someone you trust to look at it, it truly is a buyer beware situation. We’ve lost count of how many tim
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I think a lot of guys go off of pressure for rating blown motors when volume should be the major concern, a standard 6.71 blower may make 12 Lbs. of boost at 600 HP at 6000 engine RPM and by changing the blower and slowing it down with 8.71 or 10.71
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Jump to new posts Re: Hey Scott Smith by ScottSmith_Harms @ 01/11/18 12:34 PM

Its true of many insect species, a lot of contributors, urbanization, light pollution, rampant pesticide use (home & gardens included) and another silent killer which may end up being the worst of all are the introduced "Safe" biologica
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Jump to new posts Wanted 08 to 11 Challenger front bumper cover by chargervert @ 01/11/18 11:58 AM

I am looking for a front bumper cover for an 08-11 Challenger. I damaged the one on my wife's car and she is not too happy with me about it. Her car is B5 blue,but any color would be great, as long as it has no damage. Let me know if you have one th
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Jump to new posts Re: Wanted - Small Block Engine - 1st Quarter by 70440+6bbl @ 01/11/18 11:36 AM

Looking for a clean small block timing cover with a late 1969 date code. Please PM with price and pic
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Jump to new posts Re: Project Zoom Me by 590 Challenger @ 01/11/18 10:38 AM

Thanks, I remember seeing your video. They gave me the whole tour Tuesday night and showed me how they make the stuff, very impressive. I love the screw blowers they were making...... I was scared to ask how much
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Jump to new posts Re: Help Tracking Down a GM typeII power steering pump by GoodysGotaCuda @ 01/11/18 10:03 AM

Originally Posted By dvwThe whine is usually from sucking air into the fluid. Very few problems with that style pump when I worked at the dealer. What does the fluid resivoir look like? Is it clear or does it have small air bubbles in it? You can mak
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Roadrunner B7 Convertible central Oregon by 69hurstsc @ 01/11/18 09:51 AM

I have 159 convertibles documented from 1969. If you have my book you will see that there were promotional cars sent to specific zones. These cars were all identically equipped and shipped earlier than you 802 car. Below is a link to the 1969 Road
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Jump to new posts Re: when you have a car payment,,,,,,,,, by feets @ 01/11/18 09:32 AM

Originally Posted By rocksmoparWhat about the AWD Challenger? Is it good in the winter weather? It was well praised in a recent thread. Most modern cars with AWD and winter tires do well in snow.
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Jump to new posts Re: Running 1/2 inch fuel line by onig @ 01/11/18 07:56 AM

Originally Posted By WHITEDARTThis is 5/8 What are the two other lines for? Is there a cooler setup in the rear.
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Jump to new posts Re: Dave stricklers original seats by chooch @ 01/11/18 06:26 AM

they might be to high class for my collection
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