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Jump to new posts SST Releases New STX (Street/Track/AutoX) Shifters by Rustymuscle @ 09/18/18 08:02 AM

Silver Sport Transmissions is proud to announce their brand new line of STX (Street/Track/AutoX) performance shifters for both their stock Tremec TKO and Tremec Magnum manual transmissions. These fantastic new shifters provide a shorter throw, ti
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Jump to new posts 1969 Plymouth Road Runner by tomsjack @ 09/18/18 05:06 AM

1969 Plymouth Road Runner On Ebay
Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
Jump to new posts Re: Listing 85 Crew cab on Ebay by Silver70 @ 09/18/18 02:26 AM

You only pay if it sells, you can add features to the listing you have to pay for. At least that's how it was and how it shows when I look up the fees now. As far as the non refundable deposit, you can put that in the listing, but they can back out
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Jump to new posts Re: bumper jack hook i.d. by 4mayhemi @ 09/18/18 12:42 AM

According Nick's Garage, a 71 Charger chrome bumper.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 imperial shortie...WHY??? by Frankenduster @ 09/18/18 12:32 AM

Originally Posted By lilcudaOriginally Posted By SoopernautIt's still too long to fit in the photos. Especially if the seller isn't smart enough to turn the phone 90 degrees before taking the photos. People can be such idiots.
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 dyno results, is something wrong? by CoronetWagon440 @ 09/17/18 11:36 PM

Well it looks like the thing for me to do is tune it when it’s in the car. Of what I’ve read and heard about reading spark plugs it seems like this one is telling me “a little rich” was accurate. Thanks for the input. -edit- for some reason
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Jump to new posts Re: Wanted - Race Parts / Cars - 3rd Quarter by Tim8979 @ 09/17/18 10:39 PM

Wanted TTI Big block underbody headers / automatic trans for A body MoPar Thanks for the ad MoParts Tim 317-717-8979
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Jump to new posts Re: Just Dropped Off My Intake by MR_P_BODY @ 09/17/18 09:56 PM

Originally Posted By dizusterYou get the rampage out to the track yet? No not yet.. this summer I have been taking care of the wife.. she wont be able to drive for a couple of months yet.. it runs strong but it sure is easy to spin the tires on the
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Jump to new posts Re: Question on '68 Dart tinted windows by jughed @ 09/17/18 09:40 PM

Originally Posted By RhinodartI have a few sets of each in Rockford, Ill if you can't find what you're looking for. Thanks. I will keep that in mind. I have a good set of clear except for the rear window. I am considering tinting the clears if I
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Jump to new posts Re: Real world numbers from a Challenger 6.4 Scat Pack? by 4406forPOWER @ 09/17/18 09:30 PM

Savoy, all stock? Never mind I see it now.
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Jump to new posts Re: HOW MANY...... by GoodysGotaCuda @ 09/17/18 09:24 PM

Originally Posted By PacnorthcudaOriginally Posted By GoodysGotaCudaOriginally Posted By Alaskan_TABased on? It is an impossible question to answer factually. It just is. 'Round here, we call it a "swag". A Scientific Wild A~~ Guess
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Jump to new posts Re: 1968 A-Body Engine and Transmission VIN's by rarefish @ 09/17/18 09:04 PM

Thanks guys for the info and answers....
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Jump to new posts Re: Help please by PurpleBeeper @ 09/17/18 08:49 PM

I don't have a part number for you, but I think you'll have a lot easier time running Edelbrock (Carter) carbs. I'd ballpark 600-650 cfm unless you have a race motor....honestly, you might see if you can go even smaller like some old Competition Ser
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone know more about this event MCACN by 1970A13 @ 09/17/18 08:47 PM

Originally Posted By DevilOriginally Posted By MidPenMoparThank you Bashton for the great info on this. I can't make it out there although i would love to see this, but i hope someone posts lots of photos. It must have been really rough on Steve
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Jump to new posts Re: Head Gasket leaking oil? by PurpleBeeper @ 09/17/18 08:43 PM

Yep, get it SUPER DUPER clean using engine degreaser and your local car wash you spray yourself. Once, it's clean, drive it for a day and the oil leak will be obvious. I'm betting a valve cover gasket...but check.
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4 used COKER REDLINE FIRESTONE TIRES... 3 have great tread one E-70 worn on inside edge [great for a spare] ..just buy one E-70 and you have a nice full set.. 375.00 no shipping but i will help get them to a shipper you setup
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Jump to new posts Re: What will it run by fast68plymouth @ 09/17/18 06:42 PM

Quote:could shift it a tad more than 6k though IMO, with unported heads and the small headers, it won’t respond favorably to high shift points, but a lot of that depends on the motor and converter interaction. I also feel like it would front half
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Jump to new posts Re: JVX adapter torque converter dust shield? by MarkM @ 09/17/18 06:05 PM

I have an ultrabell on mine and cut out a piece of aluminum plate to match the opening. For the bottom I folded it over on a break. I can find photos somewhere if you want.
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Jump to new posts Re: Iron Resurrection working on mopars? by 340SIX @ 09/17/18 05:26 PM

Originally Posted By azmoparthe one thing that I liked about fantomworks , not sure if they still show it or not, was the number of days the car in the picture had been in the shop at that point. yes the drama has gotten worse as the show has gone
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Jump to new posts Re: 36 Nash by MONC @ 09/17/18 04:14 PM

Thanks for the replies guys, good info. Will keep you posted.
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Jump to new posts Re: Operation 1970 Road Runner.. 383 4speed a/c by rdrnr6970 @ 09/17/18 03:28 PM

very cool bird!
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Jump to new posts Re: 2002 Ram 3500 cummins no start? by a12rag @ 09/17/18 03:25 PM

Yay . . . easy fix !!! Always check the easy stuff first !
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Jump to new posts Re: Chrysler Friends and Family Discount? by Cuda340 @ 09/17/18 03:17 PM

Originally Posted By SNK-EYZI can set you up with a Friends Control Number. I’m out of town till late tomorrow night. I’ll PM you when I get back home. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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Michelin pilots are available in 17's, was looking at a set for my 65 Cuda. But my Cuda doesn't need as big a tire to "look right" either. So, YMMV.
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Never seen factory repair. But I haven't seen everything the factory did either. That looks more like a field repair.
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