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Jump to new posts Re: Superbird Possibly Stolen by dart4forte @ 01/16/19 06:58 PM

Yes, it was after Pete had the engine fire. He put it out with milk. The picture was taken in 2015.
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Jump to new posts Re: Chad builds a real WINGED Chrysler! by Supercuda @ 01/16/19 06:40 PM

I watched that episode. I seen crap in the crusher with more style.
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Jump to new posts Re: New Ram HD, what do you think? by hemi-itis @ 01/16/19 06:26 PM

Just looked at one a friend just picked up.The leather with real nice stitching,4 doors,Fantastic room in the cab,the electronice are crazy!
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Jump to new posts Re: Detroit area Mopar swap meet by Devil @ 01/16/19 06:14 PM

I should be there... hopefully selling my book if they print them in time.
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Jump to new posts Re: 67 Dodge A100 van - $900 (Athens) by BloFish @ 01/16/19 06:11 PM

That’s damn rough even for $900
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Jump to new posts Re: 2016 engine and 545rfe by @ 01/16/19 05:49 PM

nobody know if it should be a steel plate beween engine and transmission
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Jump to new posts Re: 71 up - B Body Parts For Sale - 1st Quarter by bill440rt @ 01/16/19 05:46 PM

'71 - '72 Charger/B-body Auto Brake Pedal Assembly Pedal assembly is good shape. Price is $50 plus shipping. Will ship anywhere. PM here or email bill440 "AT" Thx!
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Jump to new posts Re: CL '72 GTX $27K just west of Lincoln Nebraska by EV2Bird @ 01/16/19 05:42 PM

The crazy part to me is the seller seems to think hes "Got it goin on". But to me this is the type id just turn and walk away from after about hearing the first two sentences. At least know the mopar pecking order and understand a good
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Jump to new posts Re: Fanthom Works funny. by RoadRunnerLuva @ 01/16/19 05:16 PM

Originally Posted By abodyjoethose guys are a bunch of hacks.... That about sums it all up...'nuff said
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Jump to new posts Re: A body factory rear alignment way off by topside @ 01/16/19 04:45 PM

It would be interesting to know which/if any plants were better/worse than others, but 45-50 years on, facts would get muddied by restorations, wrecks, and repairs.
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This was a long term, extremely high dollar restoration that I have owned since 1996. The friend I bought it from owned it for the 15 years prior. ***Pictures can be seen here... 1962 1965 Mopar
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Jump to new posts Re: Rear Gear questions by HotRodDave @ 01/16/19 02:57 PM

if you make 650 TQ it will be no fun on the street with 3.92s, that is a MOUNTAIN of TQ at the tires. I would go 3.23 with no OD.
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Jump to new posts Re: Brake Booster Tech by RapidRobert @ 01/16/19 01:20 PM

Originally Posted By BcudaChrisPumped, I see what you did there Robert Yeah but it took you awhile!
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Jump to new posts Re: Hemi A12 by CDN72SE @ 01/16/19 12:47 PM

Very nice.
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My 2006 Ram 3500 4x4 has right at 144,000 miles I on it now, I have kept track of the fuel mileage since new and have seen a steady decrease in it for the last 30,000 miles I had one injector replaced several years ago and do not know what the nor
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Jump to new posts Re: 2 steps by B1MAXX @ 01/16/19 12:26 PM

I used to do it still have the second line lock on the car. I've used 2300-3000 rpm. I did this until I realized I didn't have to. Car went just as fast and sixty'd just as good with out all that chitty chitty bang bang.
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Jump to new posts Re: What brand/type of trans and brake fluid? by larrymopar360 @ 01/16/19 12:13 PM

Originally Posted By challenger70Originally Posted By NANKETThere is no letter T in the word DEXRON. WTH is dextron? Some sort of 80's techno fluid? Cope and his home built trans are pretty comical. Had a friend spec out a complete trans for a 1
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Jump to new posts Re: 74 dart sport 360 by 4mulaS @ 01/16/19 11:58 AM

Originally Posted By WO23Coronet# that pops into my head is more like 12-14K. Yeah it’s not #’s but it’s still a nice A body with some pedigree and good parts. Someone who likes nice shape cars but doesn’t necessarily get to twisted up about
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Mopar Full Size - Parts - 1st Quarter by moparjohn @ 01/16/19 11:41 AM

I have a 1966 Fury III grille assembly for sale. It includes the 9 pieces as shown in the picture. The price is $250.00 plus shipping. It's hard to find all these pieces in nice shape still together! If you are interested contact me at: moparjohn@fr
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those are the 2 old ones, did you have a pic of the new (incorrect) one (or ones) they sent you? Is the "shoulder" that fits into the b plate cutout a mismatch on em plus the fitting threads wrong size?
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Jump to new posts Holley Debuts G3 Hemi Valve Covers From Sniper EFI by Rustymuscle @ 01/16/19 11:20 AM

Valve covers have undergone quite the transformation over the last 60 years and are an underrated part of any late-model engine build. Gone are the simple sheet metal stampings with a few wire hold downs tacked on. While they used to be exactly a
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar EFI article in Hot Rod by 72Challenger @ 01/16/19 10:28 AM

Jerry, migth want to change the webaddress in your sig by adding a - to it...
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Jump to new posts Long rams by 67R/T4speeder @ 01/16/19 10:27 AM Not mine, near me if you need help picking up
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Jump to new posts Re: Cars overpriced by 67SATisfaction @ 01/16/19 10:13 AM

Are parts going back up too? I haven't looked for a while, and I thought muscle prices were way down? But then I surfed around eBag the last week or so and - holy moly, you're right - some sellers are asking silly money. So are sellers actually
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Jump to new posts Re: Magazines that no longer exist... by Spaceman Spiff @ 01/16/19 09:45 AM

Originally Posted By SupercudaOriginally Posted By FrankendusterI liked Popular Hot Rodding. I recall once that their editor was critical of Mopar guys. He caught some flak for his words but I agreed with his sentiments. I'm paraphrasing here but in
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