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Jump to new posts Re: 54 Dodge Truck Suspension Options by moparpollack @ 12/12/17 07:15 PM

You asked.... When I did the last one all the fuel and brake were run never even rebled the master. The rear end was modern, the leaf springs were modern, shocks were factory fit for replacement. The dakota frame is pretty stout. It has the re
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Jump to new posts Re: another 727 id please by Transman @ 12/12/17 06:52 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: WIW Rally Gauges for a Cuda by hemirtconvert @ 12/12/17 06:39 PM

Will get a pic thanks guys
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Jump to new posts Re: New Shocks recommendation by larrymopar360 @ 12/12/17 06:19 PM

The Monroes are installed (part numbers above), and I love them. BIG difference in ride. Much more controlled but not harsh. As Mr. Smurf said, great bang for the buck. Very beefy shock. Glad I made this choice.
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Poverty Caps Wanted - 4th Quarter by HotRod20 @ 12/12/17 05:43 PM

Dodge 1968 real nice poverty caps wanted. Have one need 3 more! will take nice singles or pairs too. Looking for nice straight dent free caps. HR 20
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 B body Windshield gasket by DAYCLONA @ 12/12/17 05:38 PM

Originally Posted By Tek52Thanks Mark! I recall now, my car had butyl sealant in the area you describe. Question... the butyl sealant is used between the windshield glass and gasket, What seals the gasket to the body flange? Use butyl there too?
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I always bump it with the starter. Its just hard to turn mine by hand with my mechanical fan as I always seem to bang my hands up when doing it with a breaker bar. Ron
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Jump to new posts Re: 06 Ram drivers door popping noise when closing by mopars4ever @ 12/12/17 05:27 PM

I sprayed them with WD40 and put some lube on them. No difference.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cam timing by hemi-itis @ 12/12/17 05:26 PM

Biggest pulley is a 71 tooth,so that will go on top with a 49 bottom for pumpgas.For my bday I will buy a set of pulleys I foot brake and hammer down,come out just off idle
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Jump to new posts Re: who rebuilds power window motors? by DAYCLONA @ 12/12/17 05:24 PM

Originally Posted By hotairballoonpilotcar will be switched over to 12 volt. dayclona is correct on motor. we did talk to and might be using their power window set up. they have one that we can use his original switches but it comes
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Race Cars - 4th Quarter by TBorman @ 12/12/17 05:06 PM

2002 Jerry Bickel Pro stock Neon. Carbon Body, Interior, Brakes, setup for BB and Glide. Ford 9 in., 3.89 Gear, 40 Spline, Gun drilled Axles, 7AL3 Ignition, race pak, Fire System. Car comes with Motor Plate, Mid Plate, Mark Williams Aluminum Drive S
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Jump to new posts Re: a Well Done Challenger for auction by 318 Stroker @ 12/12/17 04:47 PM

That Challenger looks quite fixable. Appears to be no interior damage. Front sheet metal and wiring would probably be the big expenses.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hard wired smoke detectors? by Faust @ 12/12/17 04:45 PM

Originally Posted By 69DartmanWell that certainly sucks, might be worth talking to whoever you have to once you get everything up to code so they can't screw with you over anything else. I always try to be polite with the cops and not answer question
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Looking for one cowl vent door [disc] for a 66 d100 Thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: Guitar ?? by Scotts72Rallye @ 12/12/17 04:21 PM

I see them pop up from time to time on Ebay with prices all over the place($75-$400). Definitely a throw back to the hair metal days. Rare? You definitely don't see them much. Collectible? If you're into odd shaped guitars from Korea. Valuable? Depen
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Jump to new posts Re: Little Plymouth Wagon with /6 by topside @ 12/12/17 03:50 PM

Always liked those; which begs the question: whatever happened to Bigdad?
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Maybe after you are done with my scaffolding....... Maybe. lol
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 Ebody 2 piece rotors by 71birdJ68 @ 12/12/17 03:36 PM

The new one piece rotors are better, and stronger than the two piece ones.
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Jump to new posts Re: Trick flow lo deck intake by Biginchmopar @ 12/12/17 02:55 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: 69 B body lost keys - codes on locks/ign. switch by buildanother @ 12/12/17 02:49 PM

You can read the insides without too much effort by removing tin cap, hardware, springs etc.
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Jump to new posts Re: B Body - Cars Wanted - 4th Quarter by StukaJU87 @ 12/12/17 02:28 PM

I am currently on the market for a real nice, clean solid driver condition big block B body. I really like anything from 63, 64 and 65 2 door and station wagon 68-70 Coronet, 71 Charger, 71-72 Road Runner/Satellite. Prefer 4 speed but auto ok too.
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Originally Posted By TwostickDid TF update the combustion chamber when they did all their other improvements? Yes, it's a better design.
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar RB 572 1000 HP Project 1970 Cuda by Cab_Burge @ 12/12/17 01:33 PM

I spent 9 months in Germany in 1968 in the Army, that assignment made me appreciate our country so much I can't say it in words Most people born here do not realize how well most of us in this country have it I have sold several of my old race
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There can be a problem with the 8 3/4 true trac, the side gear on some have a lot of play in them allowing the axle to move a lot, it can wipe out the green style bearing, jack up car & grab the wheel top & bottom, see if you can move the whe
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Jump to new posts Re: Over Charging Problem 68 Dodge Truck by wally426ci @ 12/12/17 12:17 PM

Thanks for not getting frustrated with this long lasting Help thread guys. I'll try to see if I have the alt card somewhere. I plan on getting back to this over the weekend. It's super cold out and our 140 yr old house requires attention at times....
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