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Jump to new posts Re: Slick air pressure by Cab_Burge @ 10/16/17 06:36 PM

I wouldn't, and don't, trust commercial truck scales for lightweight things like our cars I used a local Oregon state truck scales once on my old street Duster, it showed it 220 lbs. lighter than the certified scales at the track showed Do you
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Heck no, steel is not a generic term, at least not a generic term for cast iron. Ask any foundryman or metallurgist or welder, for that matter. They have different properties - machinability, weldability, ductility, castability, for starters. R.
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Jump to new posts Re: Which head for my 340 stoker? by dogdays @ 10/16/17 06:10 PM

You're kind of in a pickle. Using the engine size, a zero deck piston, 5cc in the valve pocket and 64cc head, you're right at 12:1. First of all don't buy the Edelbrock 340 heads. They were made for guys who already had new or nearly new 340 piston
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: cal trac shocks or strange by madscientist @ 10/16/17 06:06 PM

Originally Posted By plycudaI have another race car. This is going to be mainly just going to be on the street. Its a 69 satellite with super stock springs, mini tubed 16.50 x31 quick time pros. I might make a few passes but I'm not putting a cage in
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This is our daughters jeep we are selling for her clear title in our names. 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4x4 rocky mountain edition so it has the Dana 44 axles. 146,100 miles 6 cylinder automatic has lift kit with 5 new 33x12.5 tires with about 2,000 miles
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 Back - B Body Cars For Sale - 4th Quarter by Slap Shot @ 10/16/17 05:55 PM

1966 Dodge Coronet 500 SE 4 door 318/auto the car looks a lot better in person then the pictures show. this is just a good original old Dodge Coronet was a 1 owner female owned car bought from the original owners family when she passed away. will com
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Jump to new posts Re: I don't care what anyone says: by astjp2 @ 10/16/17 05:36 PM

Still going up!
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Jump to new posts Re: A Body - Cars For Sale - 4th Quarter by 72wedge @ 10/16/17 05:35 PM

1969 Dart Swinger factory 340, double X9 (black) paint code, black interior and white bumble bee stripe. BODY: - Factory X9 black with white stripe. Bottom of trunk lid still has the original black paint. Body in great condition, very straight. No
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
I'm renting a hoist for $92 for a week, but will look into purchasing something in the future. Thanks for all the responses. - Brad
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Jump to new posts Re: FCA to stop building RH drive vehicles. by Supercuda @ 10/16/17 05:03 PM

Roscoe P. Coltrane would pee himself
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Jump to new posts Re: Fair trade or not by feets @ 10/16/17 04:28 PM

Originally Posted By FrankendusterA "Good Deal" is when both parties involved feel as if THEY got the better end of it all. And a fair deal is when both parties are just a little bit annoyed by the deal.
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Jump to new posts Re: Got ten minutes to take plane ride with me? by amxautox @ 10/16/17 04:24 PM

Tail draggers are fun. Later you can add a hook, and play 'aircraft carrier'.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cool car by feets @ 10/16/17 04:22 PM

Originally Posted By DaytonaTurboVery cool and not another lame ass chevy 350 job! Thank God! So tired of guys giving up and doing the SBC/LS1 thing.
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Jump to new posts Re: World Power Wheel Standing Championships by pittsburghracer @ 10/16/17 03:33 PM

Originally Posted By theraifi thought the winner ,the guy in the gremlin was doing jail time for scamming snap on stuff They don't keep guys in jail for very long anymore.
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Jump to new posts 36 Dodge Roadster peekup by Neil @ 10/16/17 03:04 PM

Might be fun. The exhaust down the passenger side would be the first thing I would alter.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fitech guys, 12v source for white wire?? by NachoRT74 @ 10/16/17 02:17 PM

yes... could be nice too... One groove with the resistor, the other groove with the diode. Just would need just to jump out on dual ballast plugs on both sides. Blue wire is already done actually from factory on existant dual ballast setups, just wou
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Jump to new posts Finnish Muscle Car Cruise and Burnouts by theraif @ 10/16/17 02:16 PM

Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Slicks by Dave Hall @ 10/16/17 01:46 PM

The mold release agent is readily apparent on a new tire. Pittsburgh has it right. I don't think it would hurt to go over the inner wheel lip with some scotch brite if so inclined on an aluminum wheel. Otherwise screw 'em or get a set of beadlocks.
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Jump to new posts Re: Proof that everything in Australia can kill you by Challenger 1 @ 10/16/17 01:45 PM

Thanks for the update, glad he is well.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 69 Dart Slick/Rim fitment by Rhinodart @ 10/16/17 01:29 PM

I had a 69 Swinger with leafs on the frame and I ran an 8" rim with a 29x10.5 slick. I had to use creative hammer blows on the inner and outer wheelhouses after a couple of hits to see where the runner made contact...
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Jump to new posts Re: 2006 Magnum SRT by WO23Coronet @ 10/16/17 01:20 PM

Originally Posted By RhinodartI thought it was the 2008 that went for silly money because they redesigned the front facia and it looks MUCH better! DERP!!! my bad, fat fingers, but yes I meant the 08's
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Jump to new posts Re: T Stat Question by azmopar @ 10/16/17 01:04 PM

id be looking for exhaust in the water [/quote] Tested the T stat. It's not opening until 210. It's suppose to be a 160 [/quote] whats the brand?
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See if this helps. On 72 cuda with new harness from year one, my left side front parking and side lights were dim.After 6 hours ,I found that there are two ground wires in one ring terminal that bolted to body by the radiator. The ring terminal was
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Jump to new posts Re: I Survived the Santa Rosa Fires by ScottSmith_Harms @ 10/16/17 12:02 PM

Nope, fish remains
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Jump to new posts Re: magnum 500s on a 74 duster by Moparnut426 @ 10/16/17 11:56 AM

Originally Posted By a12ragThe magnum 500 style 14" with trim rings were offered on the F body . . . That's what I told him
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