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Jump to new posts Re: Who sells reproduction owner's manuals??? by Quicksmopars @ 09/23/18 07:11 PM

Thank you sir. I was having a hard time finding a supplier. Now I can finally "finish" my projects.
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Jump to new posts Re: Paint jail by DrCharles @ 09/23/18 07:02 PM

I'll either do that (use a split collar), or just drill a hole through the pin near its end, and use a washer + cotter pin. I really don't want it to pop off inside the fender... Thanks for the tip!
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Jump to new posts Re: Camshaft for street 440 by bee1971 @ 09/23/18 06:35 PM

Pretty impressive over on B Bodies with the 30703 Cam on that dyno Click on link
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 source 5050 pistons by Wicked49670dart @ 09/23/18 06:30 PM

Ok Thanks!
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Jump to new posts Re: Need schooling on fuel injection by B3422W5 @ 09/23/18 06:29 PM

Originally Posted By 1BadLiLChargerDon, just see what the guys who are consistently winning the big bracket races are doing. You know the heavy hitters at 131, take a survey. The thing I notice with some of the people I know, methanol. Most if
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Jump to new posts Re: New S60 for the Coronet by AndyF @ 09/23/18 06:09 PM

I've been driving the car whenever the weather is decent and the new 3.23 gears seem to work just fine. No noise that I can hear. The car goes down the road nice but still has move than enough juice to spin the tires at will. I screwed the prop val
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Jump to new posts Re: Metal fuel line separation 340 Six Pack by 72roadrunnergtx @ 09/23/18 06:01 PM

Use a 5/8” open ended wrench to support the block fitting if necessary.
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looks very similar to some line shaft hangers that we collected in preparation to build the reproduction blacksmith shop in Weaverville. I agree there is a bushing and holder (with oiler) assembly that would sit in the bottom cradle. Alignment of the
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Jump to new posts Re: Choke not choking 1970 Holley 2300 by 72roadrunnergtx @ 09/23/18 05:33 PM

Pull rear carb first, unscrew the flare nut at the rear y-fitting to the rear carb first, then center carb, flare nut at the forward y-fitting to center carb. Use a flare nut wrench and support the fitting.
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Jump to new posts Any more Summit discount codes out there? by shinysidup @ 09/23/18 05:32 PM

After providing many codes to others on here over the years, I find myself in need of one for a sizeable purchase that I need to make. I just missed the earlier post offering some... Does anyone have a code they can spare?
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 cuda 440+6 restoration by 2JcodeChargers @ 09/23/18 05:09 PM

Looks like you are doing a great job! It looks like you have a 70 Coronet R/T in there as well. Love those Coronet R/T's
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: I have a few 10% off Summit codes.... by dustergirl340 @ 09/23/18 04:59 PM

All gone!
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
I have some extra AG parts. I have had two hoods with double screens on one side and it looked to be because the small bent angled retainer brackets were missing on that side and the extra screen made up the difference so the clips would hold.
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Jump to new posts Re: Speedo Cable by stumpy @ 09/23/18 04:12 PM

Graphite or a very light coat of white lube
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Jump to new posts Re: Holley carburetor by RapidRobert @ 09/23/18 03:58 PM

Quote: However an engine should to idle well without the vac.advance engaged,shouldn,t it? Correct & it would not be engaged unless you have the timing setup for "manifold" as opposed to "ported" which it does not sound like
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Differential For Sale - 3rd Quarter by schmitty @ 09/23/18 03:41 PM

Greetings - I have a nice used Mopar Performance 8 3/4 pinion snubber I recently removed this from my personal weekend driver. 40.00 + actual postage. Paypal fine if you cover the fee. Best to call 260-223-zero-eight-six-8 up until 8pm est or schmitt
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 Six Pack Upper Fuel Line Leaks by 1DGEMAN @ 09/23/18 03:29 PM

I have always used anti seize. Works like a charm. A little dab will do ya.
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Jump to new posts Re: Slowly now by larrymopar360 @ 09/23/18 03:09 PM

Originally Posted By moparxlarry, just throw your brushes away ! the dollar store has lots on stock. Good idea
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Jump to new posts Re: Awesome UTI advertisement by 340SIX @ 09/23/18 02:34 PM

Back in 1978-1980 my best friend had a 1967 Camaro. Was a 327 glide with 410 and a Holley 4777 Carb. He was kinda drinking when he was at the lake. And was bench racing. He said I tell ya My 4777 is not stock. It puts out way more than yours to some
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
Jump to new posts Re: A12 by 70 buzz @ 09/23/18 02:29 PM

Originally Posted By Morty426That's some fairly bad reporting . I thought so also
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Jump to new posts Re: Carb jetting by Thumperdart @ 09/23/18 01:02 PM

All that lazy fancy stuff is just that and a basic good ol holley with normal blocks(billet being best) have out shined those gimmicks forever...........
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Jump to new posts Re: CSR 904 shielf to A500 OD trans by ProSport @ 09/23/18 12:52 PM

Quote:Yikes! That might change things. I checked out the billet valve body when I picked my trans up from Boone, it looked nice! Maybe a low gear set in the 904 and moving from a 4:10 to a 3.73 or 3.54 will be the way to. So you did the whole drag
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Ignorant question about LBA valve body by BradH @ 09/23/18 12:14 PM

Originally Posted By SILVER67Doesn't T/A sell a fwd full manual that you can street drive and race ? Yes, two versions, one with LBA and the one without that Paul at TA recommended, as I explained in my first post. The question is whether that was
Moparts Engines
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Big Block Engine - 3rd Quarter by Big Squeeze @ 09/23/18 11:20 AM

Bulldog heads Ferrea 2.20/1.81 valves Springs 150 seat, 345@.550 lift 10deg retainers & locks Spring cups, Viton seals Fresh valve job & resurface Flow- Lift———in/ex .100——71.6/54.2 .200—-156.2/114.3 .300—-225.0/151.3 .400—-2
Moparts B Body
Jump to new posts Re: 71 up - B Body Cars For Sale - 3rd Quarter by mopglen @ 09/23/18 11:13 AM

71 Plymouth GTX Number matching engine 440 Automatic and Dana rear Bahama Yellow with painted bottom of car Origional body panels $39,900 Glen in Pa 717-7665691
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