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Jump to new posts Re: New Passon Performance 5 Speed update by Slimfish @ Yesterday at 09:41 AM

Any news? Has anybody received an A855 recently?
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 Rear Main Seal Leak--Almost Suicidal!! UPDATE! by Transman @ Yesterday at 09:26 AM

43 years and counting and no leaks here either using the normal seal alignment method. Oh wait, I did have one leak, I missed the fact that a retainer had a hairline crack.
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One of our favorite shows every year to attend is the Super Summit Show that takes place at the Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. The show is two full days and has something for everyone in the family. Besides the pound of ice cream for a
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: CARBON FIBER HOOD by jcc @ Yesterday at 08:51 AM

Originally Posted By A/MPDo you need to use stiffening strips when fabricating a carbon fiber hood? Not enough info to give a precise answer. Remember CF is rather stiff itself, the chosen grade of epoxy also adds a bit of stiffness, but at the sak
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Jump to new posts Re: Painting a chrome 2003 Dodge truck grill frame by Mr T2U @ Yesterday at 08:03 AM

stripping off the chrome works best. if you don't the paint will eventually peel. the best way without stripping the chrome is lightly etch the chrome with a sandblaster, etch prime, epoxy prime, them paint. next best is scotch with red scotch brit
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Jump to new posts Re: E body jack hook by gregok @ Yesterday at 07:44 AM

Okay thanks, answers all my questions.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Rebuilt stroker by tex013 @ Yesterday at 05:28 AM

Needs does Looking good Tex
Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone running Koni shocks? by AndyF @ Yesterday at 12:48 AM

I have some miles on the car now and I think the Koni shocks are worth the money. It was a huge hassle having to build the custom rear shock plates but I suppose it was also a good learning experience. I'm lucky that I have the tools available to me
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Elephant Hemi Engines - 2nd Quarter by 70440+6bbl @ Yesterday at 12:19 AM

Original used 426 Hemi fuel pump. Removed from a 1969 engine. Date code is H-8 $300.00 shipped in the CONUSA
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Barracuda 340S Fastback by RoadRunnerJD @ 06/21/18 10:48 PM

Thank you. I’m making a sign for my car for Carlisle. I don’t think I’ll use any production figures but a 340 4 speed fastback with A/C is probably a fairly low production number
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Jump to new posts Re: Probably has some interesting trade prospects by Morty426 @ 06/21/18 10:31 PM

Trade for hot new wife? The guy obviously does not know how to bargain - remember no matter how hot they are there is still someone who can no longer put up with her [censored].
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Jump to new posts any one deal with a automotive broker ? by theraif @ 06/21/18 10:29 PM

i am just use to doing bidding myself and controlling it
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Jump to new posts Re: Wanted 1977 Dodge Tradesman Van Parts by Speeddemon @ 06/21/18 10:28 PM

I am looking for NOS or extremely nice parts with very little wear for my 77 dodge tradesman van. Dodge Cargo Emblem Script PN# 2956722 NOS prefer Tradesman 100 Emblem PN #2956456 (x2) NOS prefer Side Marker Light Assembly - Amber Turn Signal PN
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Jump to new posts Re: 1971 Challenger w/ N-96 Fender Tag by Morty426 @ 06/21/18 10:26 PM

Originally Posted By RSI700VIPEROriginally Posted By ragtopdodgeRepop tag. Original tags were not painted on the backside. There will ALWAYS have SOME rust pitting on them. This has ZERO. Plus the font looks too crips IMHO. This red one is legit
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Jump to new posts Re: Build Sheet craigslist by Morty426 @ 06/21/18 10:23 PM

Originally Posted By RV2Same ad here in Atlanta Scam? Not a scam - the dude has been selling fakes for a long time. Just drumming up business. Hope he doesn't end up in a dark alley
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 Barracuda Shaker hood Recommendation by FACuda @ 06/21/18 10:17 PM

Thanks I appreciate all the feedback on the Shaker hood. I have been gathering parts for a several years now to build the car how I would want it and shaker option was one of the requirements or wants. But I think like a lot of people when you star
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: lm2 by RustyM @ 06/21/18 10:05 PM

Yep- it don’t like nuthin else!
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Jump to new posts Re: Are us old guys that far out of touch? by chargervert @ 06/21/18 09:51 PM

We are better off being out of touch with the world these days,because the world has changed to the point where our values and way of life is no longer a part of where the world is headed! But they are in for a rude F#$%IN awakening when we are no lo
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Jump to new posts Re: Towing a Travel Trailer by V10nacuda @ 06/21/18 09:44 PM

I agree 36' bumper pull is long...I have a 34' race trailer i pull with an 04.5 4 door dually... weight wise, not a problem length can be a pain. Also pulling it with a single wheel 2016 if not loaded perfectly can be a little hair raising.
Moparts B Body
Jump to new posts Re: 70 Back - B Body Cars For Sale - 2nd Quarter by stumpy500 @ 06/21/18 09:09 PM

It pains me to list this car me and my father restored together.Listing for my father,1967 dodge RT 440 4speed dana. The car is amazing and better than new. All date code correct 67 hp,console, 3.54 dana. There is way way to much to list but private
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1994-2001 Ram 1500 Short Box Driver's Bed Side 4856377AB Asking $750, OBO. Mint condition, no damage, no rust, nothing. Perfect condition. Includes inner panels, i.e. wheel tub, etc. Shipped from Michigan, zip code 49783. I will be travelling
Moparts A Body
I have a friend looking for a grill in good shape for a 76 valiant. Possible delivery to carlisle? PM me on this board
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Jump to new posts Re: Detroit Eyes on Design car show by DirectSubjection @ 06/21/18 08:37 PM

Originally Posted By hemiviper588It was another awesome show this year, so many gorgeous cars on display. Here is my wife wearing a 1957 patterned dress that she made...and our 57 Desoto Adventurer that we recently completely restored. Well done!!
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Dropped my k-frame off today. Doesn't need blasting. $275 is the quote, brackets included, but I'm pulling those as they should be body color.
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Jump to new posts Re: COMP TEST RESULTS ON 360 by RapidRobert @ 06/21/18 08:24 PM

Quote: Motor info is unknown to me, how wild/mild is the cam? what does it idle at?
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