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Street Rodders
Is that the show with the Falcon Gasser? I watched the beginning where it was dragged onto the flatbed, then picked apart verbally in the shop, (something about wood paneling), then the sand removal, then all of the factory parts dropped onto the fl
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Jump to new posts Re: Question about tinnitus by second 70 @ Today at 11:07 AM

I also had it for years but not as bad as my brother. He said he would answer the phone thinking it was ringing. Sometimes mine will ding like a bell. Not often. When it first started I didn't know I had it and I blamed it on the new tv I bought whic
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 build (part 2) by Lee446 @ Today at 10:59 AM

The Holley SD is a good choice. The Lunati cam is the same as I chose for a friends mild 440 build with that intake, it sounds great and has excellent street manners. It is easy to get hung up on HP figures, but as I get older, I am coming to appreci
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Jump to new posts Re: 1999 Dodge truck wiring harness into a 1972 W200 by I_bleed_MOPAR @ Today at 10:52 AM

Originally Posted By DaytonaTurbo... IIRC if the OBD-2 ecu doesn't detect the transmission it will pull timing and cut fuel at high rpm. That seems to be my problem. Tim
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I sold one this past month oem off a 70 gtx for $175 in good enough shape to paint and bolt on, not sure if it was priced right or not but it didnt sell fast. But I live in a very limited market area.
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Jump to new posts Re: Bad Vibrations, Chicago Fury saga by furious70 @ Today at 10:28 AM

interesting. cheap flex fan on this one. I did pay attention to the accessories this weekend, didn't notice anything out of whack with them.
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Jump to new posts Re: The Mopar Man's 500 by 67R/T4speeder @ Today at 10:19 AM

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed.
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Jump to new posts Re: 2018 RAM side steps by DusterKid @ Today at 10:06 AM

My wife bought me the Raptor oval step bars for my 17 RAM 2500 truck for my birthday. They are nice for the money and work well for my needs.
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Jump to new posts Brand New Bluesmobile by Spyphish @ Today at 09:42 AM

FOR SALE: 1976 Dodge Monaco with a 1974 front clip to make a VERY NICE 74 Bluesmobile. Every component is either new or rebuilt. The best pieces from three K code police donor cars were used to make this a frame on restored police clone. Nicest chrom
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Jump to new posts Re: Top cat whiskers. by 69bfan @ Today at 09:24 AM

Thank you.
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Jump to new posts Re: The Barn Find of a lifetime for me..... by Dr V @ Today at 09:17 AM

Originally Posted By Alaskan_TAQuote: I canceled patients on Friday morning and went directly up there. Sorry to the three people that I cancelled the root canal appointments for on Friday morning if you're reading this. A comment like that could le
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Jump to new posts Re: Holley 950hp by Otherlane @ Today at 09:09 AM

Nice used holley 950 hp..what you see is what you get.upgraded to a dominator $450 shipped
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Jump to new posts Re: So, Piston Return Springs and other topics by 70Coronet500Vert @ Today at 09:06 AM

Thanks Dcuda. I will look at that
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Jump to new posts Re: Would this “get your goat?” by jcc @ Today at 09:06 AM

Originally Posted By poorboyI just retired from my welding shop. I started telling people what month I was planning on doing the deal, as a warning. The last two months were really slow, almost nothing came in. I like your "warning" sentim
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone into Honda trail 90s? by mopars4ever @ Today at 08:23 AM

I loved the Honda mini trail 50. My friends had them when I was a kid. I made due with a 3 1/2 HP Clinton no name mini bike. The Honda mini trail would climb hills with ease. I had to help push my minibike up the big hills unless I got a running star
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Jump to new posts Re: RacePak user??? by Bad340fish @ Today at 07:52 AM

I can't remember if there is room to do something like this on the Dana. I really want to change, haven't been real happy with the wheel stud reading because it has a blip in it likely from one of the studs being farther away than the others. The m
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Jump to new posts Plymouth emblem location for 68 RR? by JERICOGTX @ Today at 07:44 AM

Does anyone have the hole locations for the Plymouth emblem on the hood for a 68 Road Runner? Thanks. Jeff
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Jump to new posts Re: ATI Harmonic Balancer (keyway question) by RATTRAP @ Today at 05:01 AM

Thanks for the insight as to why there is two key-ways in the crank, I will run as is, So bigger is not always better,lol
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Jump to new posts Re: Recommendations for OE level restoration shops in the East? by BarrsRestoration @ Today at 02:24 AM

Originally Posted By 68jimAnother recommendation for Clark Classic Restoration in Greenville, NC. Walt and his crew did my Road Runner almost 10 years ago. I provided the body as just a shell and it turned out awesome. There are plenty of pictures on
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Jump to new posts Re: Instrument panel rework by Redline by AndyF @ Today at 01:55 AM

I have a Holley EFI system in the car so I can program warning limits into the computer display.
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Jump to new posts Re: 84 Fifth Avenue Y-pipe w/no cats by EV2Bird @ Today at 01:37 AM

You could also take a good used one to a shop and get it made, Ive one 1/8. bigger off the manifolds and 1/4 in. bigger on the main to run a 2.5 full single.
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Jump to new posts Re: 5.9 cummins prices 91-97 by savoy64 @ Yesterday at 11:41 PM

it is getting harder to find cheap donor trucks--first one was a 92 2wd that i drove home for 1300----that motor went in my boys dakota rock crawler----second a 90 4x4 with a broken getrag for 800--that went in a 69 gmc c20-----third a 92 2wd with a
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Jump to new posts Re: Real world weight loss program and it` cost.......... by Doc Fiberglass @ Yesterday at 11:19 PM

itis ... Damn yurr quick witted 2nite ! ... and it's almost 20 years ... And it's an aapl orchard !!
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Jump to new posts Re: Does anyone make mock up plastic G3's? by furious70 @ Yesterday at 10:53 PM

The 383 in the fury has a vibration. I also have my first car, a 69 Coronet that needs to go back together someday. Charger will stay classic big block tho
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Jump to new posts Re: Full metal jacket in Mopar Action again? by topside @ Yesterday at 10:34 PM

There's lot of weight in a stock steering column & jacket that can be removed; I think I posted a photo of my buddy's column on the weight-reduction thread, but that was back when I knew how to post photos here. basically, a lighter shaft, cut w
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