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Jump to new posts Re: 79 newport cruiser by larrymopar360 @ Today at 11:48 AM

I'm registered on govdeals and have bought several cars off there, mostly Chargers but also an Implale-ya for a friend who couldn't afford a Charger. Point being I was a bidder up to $3400. Yes these were lean burn, and yes it was smog era, but if y
Transmission and Differential
Jump to new posts Re: Mopar Differential For Sale - 3rd Quarter by gtxblu @ Today at 11:40 AM

I have a like new 4.30 ring and pinion set for an 8/3/4 rear housing. $125.00. 1-734-775-0738. located outside of detroit
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Originally Posted By John_KunkelI'm pretty sure that '74 was the first year of the electric trunk latch, previous years were vacuum. My old 1972 Imperial had a factory installed electric trunk latch.
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Jump to new posts Re: Textured paint on 1971 B Body dash? by burdar @ Today at 11:30 AM

My 73 didn't have much if any texture. I used SEM Trim Black on it but on the final coat, I sprayed it from a farther distance which mimicked the original finish perfectly. On my 68 Dart, it was definitely suede and had a lot more texture. I also
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Jump to new posts New Products from Mancini Racing by Mancini Racing @ Today at 11:21 AM

Click on the links below to see the latest products from our wide array of vendors. Polished Cast Aluminum B/RB Engine Valve Cover Set - click here Transmission Kickdown Levers - Click here Throttle Cable Mounting Clips -
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Jump to new posts Re: ID a weird pushrod by RapidRobert @ Today at 10:54 AM

Are solid lifters of that era 1/4" also?
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Jump to new posts Re: a friend sent me this by Rhinodart @ Today at 10:53 AM

My wife gets tired of me calling her my starter wife after 36 years of marriage...
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Jump to new posts Re: '67 440 lifters? by RapidRobert @ Today at 10:49 AM

Originally Posted By Cab_BurgeMopar specified 1/4 pushrod cups in all their V8 lifters up to 1967, 5/16 after that Cab is that the same on solid lifters?
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If you are restoring a 1968-1969 Dodge Charger, Classic Industries has a brand new just released part that might peak your interest! Working together with OER (Original Equipment Reproduction) Restoration Parts, Classic Industries is proud to now
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Jump to new posts Re: Wear can you get A-Body Rear Shackle Hangers? by 73MagDuster @ Today at 10:34 AM

I bought and installed the hangers from Mancini last Fall on my 73 Duster. They fit great, no issues installing them.
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Jump to new posts Anyone try these exhaust cut-outs? by 1970RT @ Today at 10:33 AM

Has anyone here tried these exhaust cut-outs? I've been thinking of getting a set of cut-outs and saw these on Ebay.
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Jump to new posts Mancini Racing Summers Done Sale by Mancini Racing @ Today at 10:27 AM

Summer might be over but don’t put your Mopar away just yet. Mancini Racing still has great deals on many parts you’ll want to bolt on your ride and go cruising or racing. Head over to for the latest specials that’ll put more
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Jump to new posts Re: CSR 904 shielf to A500 OD trans by Bad340fish @ Today at 10:21 AM

Originally Posted By J_BODYI would see no reason why it shouldn’t. They didn’t really change anything in the front 1/2 of the case when the OD unit was added. I’ve had a CSR shield on order since July 2nd for my 904. We got one from A&
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Jump to new posts Re: Drag Week 2018 by fast68plymouth @ Today at 10:17 AM

I’m still working my way through the day 5 replay. Looks like the valiant hood got some action at the top end on Billy’s first pass....... don’t know if was an attachment/fastener issue or “something else”. Also, a few pops and bangs out
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If you are using it as undercoating I have had great luck with Wurth High Build Undercoat and can make it look like the factory texture and color.
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Jump to new posts Re: Rear end gears by furious70 @ Today at 09:48 AM

I should have said I've got 28" tires. A 5.7 hemi is going to feel very different about the 'lugging' rpm, the heads are far more efficient than the old stuff.
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Jump to new posts Re: practice tree by Leigh @ Today at 09:45 AM

Analyze how you look at the bulb. The mind needs a specific focus. Simply looking at the bulb isn't good enough. Your vision will begin to jump all around, as there are too many features, distracting the brain. Focus on the interior detail, or edge o
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Jump to new posts Re: starting line controller setups by Leigh @ Today at 09:33 AM

The oem cable was too erratic. The device tended to droop. Morse or solid rod.
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Jump to new posts msd 8636 crank trigger by dodgeram1998 @ Today at 09:31 AM

will it be a bolt on with a fluidamper or do i need a flat flat face ati damper or some sort of spacer with a fluidamper
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Jump to new posts Re: Video Software by 340Cuda @ Today at 09:09 AM

Thank you sir, I will give it a try. Bill
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Jump to new posts Re: A body Door Jamb switches - what size is yours? by 70gtx440dana @ Today at 08:53 AM

I have quite a few NOS and used door switches. Send me some photos of the type you are looking for and I will see if I can help out. Joe 517-243-7115 or
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Jump to new posts Re: big block ultrabell to A518 part # ? by moparx @ Today at 08:30 AM

thanks john ! your summit link was way more descriptive than the summit link i viewed. thanks again !
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Jump to new posts 1970 exhaust tips by gregok @ Today at 08:29 AM

About ready to put exhaust on my 1970 Cuda and was wondering how far through the rear valance do the exhaust tips go or are they even with the valance? TIA.
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Jump to new posts Re: VA/NC/SC Friends by an8sec70cuda @ Today at 08:20 AM

Originally Posted By 340CudaOriginally Posted By an8sec70cudaWe made it through relatively unscathed. Definitely weakened a lot by the time we got it. As of right now we've only gotten about 5" of rain but we did get some wind. Enough to take br
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Originally Posted By 383manThanks for the cool pics. I do like that silver 63 Savoy ! Ron Wish I had been there to see it in person. Looks like it has an extra carburetor hiding there under the hood.
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