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Jump to new posts Re: Who makes your preferred grease gun? by feets @ Today at 12:31 PM

Originally Posted By 360viewHaving been responsable for thousands of hard use electric motors, i dislike using a grease gun on them. That's good info and something I have known for a while. Ages ago I was the production manager for a tape and lab
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Jump to new posts Re: Baer master cylinder by krautrock @ Today at 12:26 PM

that's a nice looking master cylinder there. i used one of they mounting brackets to mount a proportioning valve under the MC on my car..
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Jump to new posts Re: References for potmetal & brake booster restoration? by Mastershake340 @ Today at 12:22 PM

Some members here have also been screwed over by Whitepost restorations on Master cylinder rebuilds. Brake and Equipment Warehouse in Minneapolis is the go-to shop to use for rebuilding Mopar Master cylinders.
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Jump to new posts Re: Ugly start to the day by feets @ Today at 12:15 PM

Originally Posted By therocksTry getting 8 inches of snow.Temps 0 or below.Fire up the tractor to plow and tire is almost flat.Pull to garage after it warms up so hydraulics work.Turn on compressor.Get down in snow and wind blowing snow and temps wel
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Jump to new posts 1974 Dodge D-100 Long bed Rolling Chassis by RTSrunner @ Today at 12:12 PM

I have a '74 D-100 complete rolling frame with front & rear suspension,Power steering box w/all steering linkage.Rear axle is an 8-1/4" (8-3/8"in truck reference)This is a western truck chassis that was used as a body donor for a Power
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Jump to new posts Re: Powerflush toilets by Orange_Crush @ Today at 12:10 PM

This is the toilet you need.
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Jump to new posts Barracuda 1971 and 1970 door latch/lock differences by David1971 @ Today at 12:00 PM

New member here with my first post. The 1971 Barracuda "Keyless Door Locking System" was listed as standard on the 1971 Barracuda. I would like to confirm that this feature was new for 71. A couple of 70 Barracuda owners have told me tha
Street Rodders
Jump to new posts `56 Plymouth trunk floor metal needed by 67R/T4speeder @ Today at 11:57 AM

On Plazakota 1956 Plaza the trunk floor has some extra holes in it, rust!! especially where brackets for fuel tank are, spare tire well looks decent. Any ideas on where I can buy panels or ideas/pics on making it if I have to go that route. Clas
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Jump to new posts Re: the haters will be more Dancia! by pittsburghracer @ Today at 11:51 AM
Moparts B Body
Jump to new posts Re: 71 up - B Body Parts For Sale - 1st Quarter by 706packchalconv @ Today at 11:47 AM

1971 B body complete set of bucket and rear seat cores. $ 450.00 Dave 860-460-1820
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: New season of Street Outlaws starting soon. by crackedback @ Today at 11:39 AM

The chase is a race thing is OK. Played that way when I was doing the street thing in the 80's. One thing now that gets so stupid is guys that leave early and you are sitting on the brake, drop the car off the brake and the car moves even a little e
Gen III Hemi Tech
Jump to new posts Hellcat crate? by 4406forPOWER @ Today at 11:37 AM

Just curious, does anyone know what the Hellcat crate motor weighs? I know they recommend the six speed. But has anyone tried a built 727 behind one yet. Curious how it would run with only 3 gears. Also what kind of times do you think a proper setup
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Jump to new posts Re: Recently bought an old Chrysler/Plymouth dealership! by NewbombTurkk @ Today at 11:25 AM

yeah did you check all of the cubby holes for leftover relics??? attic and basement? it is neat but unless you got that thing for a song or have deep pockets with cash to blow, i may have just relocated to GA and just built a shop or bought one alre
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Jump to new posts Re: 67 GTX air cleaner by NANKET @ Today at 11:24 AM

I agree with that, some didn't have snorkels.
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Jump to new posts Re: 426 Hemi Intake Manifold Bolt Locations by 71birdJ68 @ Today at 11:21 AM

Are you doing a correct look resto?
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Jump to new posts Re: cuda convertible by NewbombTurkk @ Today at 10:59 AM

50K buy in 100K to restore 3 yrs go by retirement fund or restore this? no-brainer what the answer is. on a non-numbers no sheet car? Sadly that car was allowed to deteriorate to such a degree. is that how much the numbers are worth......
Gen III Hemi Tech
Jump to new posts Re: LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI by RTSrunner @ Today at 10:39 AM

I've found for NA build the pre Eagle(03-08) blocks with Eagle heads(09-current) works the best. [/quote] Do the early intakes fit the later Eagle head bolt patterns? Thinking in terms of a carburetor intake. RT
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Jump to new posts Road trip! Anyone been to a Bertie Higgins concert? by Cometstorm @ Today at 10:33 AM

Driving some 1100 miles to attend (St. Louis to Tampa), mid February. We love his stuff.... and getting away from this mid-winter nonsense is a plus! Small concert venu of 300 should keep it nice and quaint. Spending about four days in Tampa (Port
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Jump to new posts New Year, New Carburetor With Edelbrock’s New AVS2 by Rustymuscle @ Today at 10:26 AM

For decades Edelbrock has been a leader in fuel delivery. Their AVS carburetors have been highly ranked among Mopar enthusiasts. Recently Edelbrock released their newest version of their AVS series, the AVS2. To bring in the New Year, Edelbrock
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If what I just read is true and they are going to "store" cars for insurance companys for auction then where will the swap meets be? In jersey its all about the money. Insurance companys run the world what ever they want they through money
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Jump to new posts Re: Barracuda bad dash solutions by lostdog @ Today at 10:05 AM

Originally Posted By buildanotherJust keep an eye on your vin tag, providing it's still there. It's in a safe place
Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 1.06" or 1.12" FF Torsion Bars, Street by MarkM @ Today at 10:04 AM

I have 300# rate springs in the front of my car, so something akin to a 1.14 bar. I ran a 60 series tire upfront for a year with those springs and loved how it handled. Wasn't too harsh at all and really leveled the car out in turns. I wish I coul
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Jump to new posts Re: Thrift store find by Abodysforever @ Today at 09:56 AM

I got mine from a awards program threw the dealer that I work at. I got mine in the late 90,s
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Upgrades? by justinp61 @ Today at 09:13 AM

Originally Posted By Cab_BurgeWhat amp rating is this one rated at? It looks a lot like the little Mr. Gasket and Moroso switches If it is rated below 150 Amps momentary I wouldn't use it 250 amp continuous and 2500 peak. After I posted the l
Moparts B Body
Jump to new posts Re: 70 Back - B Body Cars For Sale - 1st Quarter by BB70DUSTER @ Today at 09:06 AM

70 Charger R/T, numbers matching 440, fender tag, build sheet, pretty much all stock and original aside from a 4 speed swap (out of a 69) J81 spoiler car, Y3 Cream (1 of 84 70 Charger’s in Y3) been parked since 79 due to some melted wires under the
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