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Jump to new posts Re: electric fuel pump set up by dogdays @ Today at 12:57 PM

Do it right or don't do it at all. The Mr. Gasket instructions are quite specific. It's a GRAVITY FEED pump meaning it isn't designed to suck fuel. Moun
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Well something happen the ad is gone now
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Neat car. ....for someone else to own.
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I was thinking about what I wrote after I posted it, I live in a semi arid? desert with very very low humidity nearly all the time With temps from 105 summer to -25 a few times a winter so really compared to many I life in a "soft"environm
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Jump to new posts Re: Harland Sharp Rocker Sale Interest by hotrodman @ Today at 12:46 PM

Need a deal on some shafts and hold downs . Thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: New season of Street Outlaws starting soon. by an8sec70cuda @ Today at 12:39 PM

Originally Posted By Spaceman SpiffYea, cause no one lies to get a race. It’s part of the game. Ya think? This is going way beyond lying to get a race. For him to repeatedly claim it's 4720 lbs every time the truck is brought up is ridiculous
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Jump to new posts Re: best intake for mild street 383? by TMBOOTS @ Today at 12:36 PM

I'm using the DP4B on my 68 383 Dart , 4-speed and really like the low/mid range pull..Prior intake was the RPM performer and that performed well at high RPMs.. DP4B gave me better hood clearance along with better street light acceleration..
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Jump to new posts Re: Checking Deck Height by Cab_Burge @ Today at 12:34 PM

True that if you want that measurement, if you use that measurement what happens to the edges of the pistons when rocking up and down on both sides The closet part of the piston is what will hit if it is to close
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Jump to new posts Re: Header upgrade by HardcoreB @ Today at 12:33 PM

Originally Posted By fast68plymouthMy .02...... If the bigger tubes cost the car anything in the 60'(footbrake combo), you'll never make it up down track. There is no way to know how the car will respond to bigger headers than to try them. Fwiw...
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Jump to new posts Re: Dan Gurney - May he Race in Peace. by RTSE4ME @ Today at 12:23 PM

For me the most impressive accomplishment was he won a Formula One Grand Prix in a car of his own construction at Spa against drivers like Jimmy Clark and Jackie Stewart. Only US built car to ever do so. No one will ever do that again.
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Jump to new posts Re: '73-'74 spool engine mounts by 74RALLYE @ Today at 12:19 PM

Originally Posted By autoxcudaOriginally Posted By Jim_LuskThey aren't a real tight fit. You don't need a press, but you will need to straighten the small end. With that said, the aftermarket parts store inserts are garbage... I tack welded mine.
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Sounds like the 4 door is the only one with a title ...
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Jump to new posts Re: Pontiac's version of their Superbird? by 318 Stroker @ Today at 12:13 PM

Originally Posted By kwhmopar1I owned a Grand Prix at one time. The tops of the quarters are very narrow. Definitely mounted to the deck lid. Better view in this pic. Yep, I see it now on the decklid. Time for glasses...
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Jump to new posts Re: cuda convertible by 1971d21 @ Today at 12:12 PM

Something we all need to take in account, it costs about 17 grand to transport a car from Pa. to Indiana.
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Jump to new posts Re: Upgrades? by Thumperdart @ Today at 12:11 PM

Originally Posted By humpty- Airbox - Dominator - Vacuum pump - If you’re ambitious gapless top rings Dominator? really? picked up more than most AND w/a small block............
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Jump to new posts Re: 2016 scatpack challenger auto or 6 speed by NV69B7RR @ Today at 12:08 PM

Unless you drive in traffic all the time I'd vote 6spd
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Jump to new posts Re: Fuel cell EFI fuel pump by Mopar_Rich @ Today at 12:06 PM

I'm not a fan of deadheaded fuel systems. I have seen several issues. Hard to get the vacuum line to the regulator, if air gets into the line it causes a pulse and doesn't clear for a while, Fuel sitting in the line is subject to heat soak at low eng
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Jump to new posts Re: Drag racing Stock 318 upgrade and times? by dogdays @ Today at 12:04 PM

No it doesn't have "that lean burn stuff" on it. It's worse. It has a feedback carburetor and the car is partly run by computer. The first thing to do has nothing to do with engine. The car may be equipped with a 7 1/4 rear end with as
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A lot depends on the variation in bracket/opening size. If the bracket/opening is on the low-side of the tolerances it can be extremely difficult to get the bushing in. On my Dart I was able to get one side in but not the other (detailed in the thr
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Jump to new posts Re: Question on TV theater sound enjoyment by Sinitro @ Today at 11:53 AM

Many channels, OTA and cable, satellite have 5.1 Dolby Surround sound. Also certain sporting events like the SuperBowl broadcast in 5.1 Dolby Surround. Your AVR should have certain front panal icons that illuminate if the AVR is set up properly. N
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Jump to new posts Re: Found: The real Bullitt Mustang by dan9 @ Today at 11:41 AM

I would be happy to own the car that followed them filming it!
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Jump to new posts a-body drum color by njmopar @ Today at 11:34 AM

Hello - I was cleaning up my front drums ('68 with 10") and one appears to be original considering it has the spring still on it and also has the balance weight on it. Upon cleaning off the 50 years of gunk, it was apparent it was black in colo
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Jump to new posts Re: Where to have your dash pad restored? by Mastershake340 @ Today at 11:26 AM

Thanks, I think I will go for that. I think originally the emblems had a silver paint that wore off or faded away pretty quickly. I have a Ultimate Rides pad on my T/A, and they plate the emblems standard with their restorations. It may not be 100%
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Jump to new posts Powder coat a dash frame? by busboy @ Today at 11:21 AM

Any issues with grounding points powder coating the dash frame? I'm getting a bunch of pieces sand blasted and the guy is able to powder coat the dash frame if I want, just don't want to run into electrical issues down the road.
Moparts Question and Answer
Like I said the guy that took over for Jules.
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